Juggalos and homless – Homeless Billy

This is just wrong and stupid they help a drug and belligerent homeless man get away with his crime by claiming to be his uncle.

Here’s how this shit went down. Billy had been out that morning with his cardboard sign, trying to get some food or money. When the crowd started to gather, he wandered down to the Village parking lot and started hanging out with some Juggalos. The management of the Village called the police, because he was drunk. When the cops came, one unknown Juggalo told them that Billy was his uncle. The police let Billy stay, and he continued to hang out with the Juggalos.

clearly what would of been better was this guy get locked up , get some counseling for his addiction and try to move on with his life instead he went to see a abk concert .


2 responses to “Juggalos and homless – Homeless Billy

  1. Skittlez_The_Juggalo

    Okay, you guys are officially hypocrites. You all continuously say that Juggalos are un-educated imbeciles, but then what do you guys call yourselves? You obviously have no idea what correct English grammar is. What the hell is a drug & belligerent man? How can a man be a drug? Are you trying to say he’s a drug addict? Or maybe a drunk? And by the way, you NEVER put ‘a’ before a word or abbreviation that starts with an a. The correct way for that to go would be ‘instead, he went to see AN ABK concert’. There should also be a comma before ‘and move on with his life’. I agree with the fact that it was wrong for the Juggalos to help him out by lying and the fact that he should have gotten locked up & gotten help w/his addictions, gotten counseling & what not, but the peace officers ALSO shouldn’t have let him off so easily to begin with. Uncle or not, what he was doing was illegal. Badgering people for their hard earned money & food is illegal in ALL states & they should have arrested him no matter what. Therefore, the peace officers were ALSO wrong for letting him continue doing illegal acts. Thought I’d just state that.

  2. Terrific post however , I was wanting to know if you could write a litte more on this subject? I’d be very thankful if you could elaborate a little bit more. Thank you!

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