More reasons to ban the gathering of the juggalos 2011

The sooner this “gathering” is banned the better for all those concerned. A juggalo does not agree with this statement and now making death threats about this…..

Fuck all you haters, The Gathering is the shit. This is something Us Juggalo’s and Juggalette’s look forward to every year. You ban this and I will personally make sure that you get the biggest beat down that ever took place, I raise my hatchet high and walk proud to be a Juggalo.


Juggalos might have a toy drive but they are criminals.


9 responses to “More reasons to ban the gathering of the juggalos 2011

  1. FUCK JH your FAKE!!! and you know you are!! In CALIFORNIA we smack bitchs like you!!!

  2. dawg i argee u take this from us i swear i will help him with that beat down every1 of us juggalo and juggulets will haunt u we rnt bad ppl we just like the rest of u motha fuckers so get the fuck back we raise our hatchets till we die and r 6 feet under so suck the frosted shyt off the tip of my dick.


  3. Im not a juggalo nor do i like ICP (just not my style of music), but to go as far as calling them criminals or a cult and create a whole website bent on destroying them, kinda sad. maybe you should research the meaning of the number 17. Prehaps you should all just get a life, at least the juggs have that much.

  4. fuck u mlfkl if tha gathering gets baned i will beat u till my heart gives out

  5. I stand for all jugglaos saying that you cant shut down the gathering and you wont. Because the clowns will never die. We will keep partying with other jugglaos and haveing small gatherings. We are invincible, we are uncontainable, we are the shit.


  6. by law, they cannot ban the gathering.

  7. This is bullshit. What is with everyone trying to ban juggalos? We don’t do shit to y’all so why are you trying to get rid of us? It would be awesome if y’all would let us live our lives and y’all live yours and leave us the fuck alone. You guys are pathetic for making a fucking whole website dedicated to banning us. Contrary to what everyone wants to believe about juggalos, most of what you assume is not true. I’m a high school graduate, currently enrolled in college to be an Ultrasound Technician. I’m well educated, a juggalette and NOT stupid like everyone likes to ASSUME we are. Yes, there are some juggalos that think we’re all about killing people and shit. They are fake as fuck. Not all of us think that way. As a matter of fact, most of us are AGAINST murderers. If you ignorant fuckers actually listened to the words of some juggalo songs, you’d hear that they are against rapists, abusers, child molesters and murderers. and yes, they do say people that do those things deserve to be dead cause its true, but don’t assume we’re gonna be going out killing people. That’s just fucking stupid. Get your facts straight before you talk shit please. Don’t listen to the media cause they are gonna shit talk just as much as y’all. WE ARE NOT A GANG!!! Some of the stupid people mentioned above (rapists, abusers etc) misunderstand the music or take it to literally and think the lyrics are telling them to do these things and say they are a juggalo so people think we are a gang. Well, WERE NOT!!! Get it fucking straight. thanks. much mo’fuckin clown love ♥


  8. hey you know im juggalette and if this gathering gets banned you are going to have alot of pissed off people and trust me you dnt want that not when they are all lo’s and lette’s we keep our promises and make sure of that and im with my fam i will help in the beat down. carry my hatchet high and im damn proud of it and i always will be no matter what happens i will defend and back up my fam no matter what they do im there for them always ight *whoop whoop* mmfwcl

  9. R'U'effing serius?

    Hello to the people of juggalo holokillem’all, you guys realize they dont understand….just like the people who hate juggalos dont get what they do… Fuck I guess what i’m saying is as ninjas your fuck up skillz are way better then the fakes… it really takes a “true” juggalo to undergo all that surgery and claim the skins his… most of “us” the people in question are STILL ALIVE AND PROUD; meaning fuck you god damnned bitch suck a dick and die… Still gonna be shopping the herpy place for a new shirt and woman to give this bone to? then being a juggalo is right for you! =P pP fuck heads

    That was a common show of a faggots code but to me it sounded like a new shirt “if i was a juggalo” I may sport what looks to you ass last week’s sock that the tranychick used to blow her load in but its really a new condom!!! AND THEN A JUGGALO WOULD SAY IN YOUR FACE?! somthing special for you if i was talking to you from you fucking BI-winning!

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