ICP Facebook banned by Juggalo holocaust


was taken down today to due to the hard work of JH members world wide , well done to all you warriors of justice.

Today JH takes another scalpe with twiztids facebook a few months ago and now the insane clown posses.

6 responses to “ICP Facebook banned by Juggalo holocaust

  1. hey man…. that’s just wrong… what was so bad about the site that you felt that it needed to be banded? Might I also say that FaceBook is a FREE web site to let people express his or her own feelings? What I see is you taking the 1st admendment from that person.

  2. the icp page is still up and running bitchs whoop whoop. have fun trying to find me mcl whoop whoop


  3. ok you guys are pussy ass mother fuckers. you have no power to take down my brothers facebook page. or twiztid’s for that matter.

  4. Whoever you are Mr./Ms./Mrs. “Juggalo Holocaust”. I just thought I’d let you know. You’re my freaking hero.

    On another note in RE: to Erika F and Jaci Olson. In my most humble opinion.. Since when has the first amendment applied to anything as of late? I’m sure you’re an avid follower of politics. Its not stifling your free speech. Regular society that has eyes and ears, is pretty much sick of subhuman ICP fans and the trash they bring along with them.

    I imagine you’re upset because no one takes you morons seriously. Running around and throwing shit and sub-par soda on people and calling them “pussy ass motherfuckers” doesn’t exactly give you any leverage.

  5. hey man i appreciate the intellagent lenguage you put out but hey yes i AM sad about how some jackoffs act but thats always going to be happening where ever you go! Kiss happened and Metalleca and wicKed shit like that back then and now it’s ICP and the underground that got the kids goin WHOOP WHOOP! but as we are still human… there ARE going to be dumbasses Where EVER you go… sorry man but that’s reality. i know i know i hate it too!
    Got to deal with it though and have yourself a fucking good time! MMWCL!

  6. D-3-TRO-1-TMAD-3-

    juggalo holocaust faggots big and bad talking shit behind behind the screen of a computer itz all gud im a speel thiz shit wrong too cause i know how much of a grammer nazi you bitch niggaz is haha faggotz i ever see you on the east side of detroit i got somethin for u bitch made little kidz that goez by the sound of POP POP POP and ill drop every lazt one of you pussyz right there on tha sidewalk

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