Juggalo cult brainwashing

second vid named juggalo mafia in training … poor poor children, bad bad mother

is it that hard to find some age apporoite music for your children if you love them or is there something sinister once again with juggalos forcing their children to dance , paint up and act like juggalos to get love ??



2 responses to “Juggalo cult brainwashing

  1. SHUT THE fuck up! THOSE KIDS ARE happy! WHO THE fuck are you? YOU GETS beat up by some Juggalo’so as a kids ya moronic hater? THANKS FORM the promotional advertisement bitch.


  2. Fuckjuggalo holocuast

    Fuck you i love my family they are there for me even when i dont need help. we just party and have a good time. there are some juggalos that commit crime but not all of us, the crime commiting juggs are less in numbers than the juggs that work every day and dont commit crime and take care of there familys and live normal lives. but we ecept everyone and do not hate because of race. backround and sex orever sexual diffrence. whoop whoop bitch and yes i know i am a horrable speller.

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