Gathering of the Juggalos 2011

Gathering of the Juggalos 2011

plans for a riot

plans for a group attack on another star ??

post any news or rumors so we can stop report plans so the incompetent people runnng the gathering of the juggalos 2011 can do something.

10 responses to “Gathering of the Juggalos 2011

  1. fuck tha police of they try 2 fuck wit us this year we gonna burn the whole place

  2. If ninja lotuzzzzz is a real person and not one of the ass’ that run this place then dude, you are a fuckin idiot.

    “im a juggalo dn’t fuck wit uz man well kill u” yeah people like you are the reason sites like this exist. Oh and by the way, if you don’t start shit, the cops wont bother you. And if they do show up, just be respectful and don’t act like a fuckin retard, you fuckin retard.

    I am a juggalo and I’m fuckin sick of all of you JH fags and all you juggalo shit heads. GET A JOB!

  3. im too scared to go to planet lotb

  4. And Dan you state nonsense yet again. Cops pull over Juggalos for the fun, they know most are just holding weed and use it to clock hours on their working clock like the fat greedy pigs they are.
    poor little baby piggys pick on you
    too scared to go to planet lotb

  5. Actually no, the cops never pick on me…when they run my profile and I’m more clean as a whistle you should see the look on their face and how pissed they are… You are a dumbass…do Juggalos pick on you and your obvious inferiorities? I do.

    too fraid to register juggalos

    And bitch if I’m too scared, why are they hiding at a website you must register to be a part of?? Bitches like you know no sense you just spit your nonsense and expect people to believe. Say I’m too scared, but this right here I am calling you bitches out…right HERE right NOW, if y’all don’t “spout your nonsense here” you are a pussy…and again I can do what you do and throw your reason in the dirt, bitch….change my words that’s all you lame ass pencil pushers can do

  7. big money hustla

    all u fuckin retards suck my fuckn cock u faggits i am the clit master i fuck my fat nuden every night u faggits to all those that dont comprahend what im sayn fuck off bitches suck my nipples these are the real lo’s and lett’s of the motha fuckn wichita kansass i am on a mission to destroy all these juggahos cuz my bitch is da baddest all u fuckin moron who think the cops are out there to get u dumb fuckers half of themporkers are lo’s and lett’s for all do respect suck my batman nads bitche…………………..PEACE OUT……

  8. all of you are dumb and im a juggalo i dont care what anyone says or thinks of me and all of the people in the world should do the same live YOUR fucking life dont worry bout what others think!


  9. BANG POW BOOM !!! this years gonna be sick !!

  10. if this really is a site to stop juggalos whoever runs it is a fucking faggot ass retard juggalos will never die mmfwcl whoopwhoop

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