Smart Juggalos

dont you love it when someone speaks the real truth about juggalos .

8 responses to “Smart Juggalos

  1. first off whats up my names mikey im 18 years old and im a juggalo, personaly i think you have good points most juggalos are idiots druggies drunks etc. me i dont do drugs yes i do not do drugs i dont even smoke weed i smoke ciggarettes and i drink occasionaly like every other kid my age, i have been a juggalo for a few years now n ill tell u y. i had no other “family” mom stopped comin out to see me in the grouphome i was in so didnt the rest of my family n half the kids in the grouphome where juggalos and lettes that is the main reason. as to u saying yu doubt smart juggalos exist i get straight Az in school i dnt act like a retard with my friends we go out n have fun like most ppl if we wanna act stupid we stay home n chill at one of our houses n act stupid occasionaly we act stupid but mostly at concerts parties etc. now i only paint my face for concerts n thats it it is stupid to go out to the mall or out to eat in facepaint, and lately i have been thinking hard about being a juggalo because i see how shit is turning out it is now being seen as a gang cuaa of alot of the juggalos who are idiots and take the “family” as a gang which is not cool and needs to stop. but anyway i figured if i wrote this comment maybe you would realize that not all juggalos are the same and some have legitment reasons for becoming juggalos and that some juggalos are actualy pretty smart, and btw as far as the music i realy could care less about what you say about the music i like no matter what music it was rap metal screamo goth w.e. there is always someone there to try to piss you off n i dont fall for that i spent alot of time in foster homes and grouphomes where ppl tried to do that about every little thing i did so something as samll as music does not bother me and as far as the juggalo insaults most of your points were right ans legit some not so much anyway just wanted to leave u this comment to show u “smart” juggalos and juggalos who actualy have a head on their shoulders do exist

  2. Sophistication is a kind of concept that is quite abundant in my life, actually quite necessary. I barely managed to get into this video because this guy was tryin to contemplate what to say more than he was talking….thinkering unintelligently. It’s like the observasionist thought of something that sounded “cool” while he was drunk; wrote it down, but couldn’t really remember his rant. Also he calls us fake, bitch San Bernardino, California….1625 Morningside Dr. shoot my house up if you’re down for your shit….Before you insinuate all of this slander know plain and simple, I could dominate any of you JH geeks physically and mentally. Also do you notice all the ‘los with incredible points have no one rydin’ there ass….it’s because there isn’t a single JH bitch, who are cum sucking felchers by the way, here with the mental capacity to withstand reading a single sentence. I wish I could go for days…making your grave deeper I mean, but I’m rydin’ out…oh and to make haters even more pissed…before I graduated college about
    Half Of
    My Presentations
    Had References
    To Psychopathic!!
    As long as you have a creative mind, being intelligent is a matter of remembering certain matters.

    (I.e) if you don’t know what a phagocyte is it’s kind of like these JH people…a cell that attracts, adheres to, engulfs and infests foreign bodies….still can’t remember? Think of the foreign body as a dick engulfed in the PHAG-ocyte. Yep sounds JUST like these JH bitches…come up with more originality than that JH famous “Land of the Bigots” hahahaha.

  3. *ingests foreign bodies

  4. Dude you forgot to mention that most of the juggalos never seem to shower. That’s fact. I hate going to shows and standing next to you stinkin bastards.

    But seriously, dude brought up some good points, yeah he’s hatin but that doesn’t mean he’s not right.

    Do you know why you don’t ever see the smart Juggalos? Because we don’t act like fuckin idiots in public therefore you don’t notice us. You’ll notice the douche bags sitting in the mall whoop whooping and talking shit to passers by. I haven’t whoop whooped in 3 years because I got fuckin sick of it.

    From one Juggalo to another, you fuckers seriously need to get your shit together. I wear the shirts, hats, jerseys, charm, and fuckin tats but I can blend the fuck in and nobody wants to kick me out of their stores.

    Last thing, last time I painted my face was when I was 17, I’m 25 now.

  5. This guy, Dan D. who just replied is an idiot….I go over to my ninja’s house and I make it a mission to take a fuckin shower as soon as I wake up…as do all my Ninja when they come over to my house. I brush my teeth habitually, and the bitches are always on my nuts…and not the fat bitches who the kid in the video chases. Come over to Cali and test what fine ass Juggalettes we have…shit will put your dick on hard for three days and their Neden is as fresh as a brisk snow covered mountain in the sun…fuck man memories…As for Saying Whoop-Whoop, you should be entitled to say what you want, but you shouldn’t hate on someone for saying it. Shit talkers aren’t Juggalos….it’s what we Juggalos hate on, get it right Mr Superficial….

  6. Hold on dude, no hate intended but you made it sound like you don’t have a shower at your home and you need to go to your friends house to use it. Probably not the case but that’s how you made it sound.

  7. Read it again…I say “as do my Ninja when they COME OVER to MY house.” the way I describe it sounds like I’m a clean freak, and I could give a fuck less what you think about that.

  8. Hey hey! yes some ppl are stupid and wack, i give my heart out to those jackasses… anyway dont be dissing on US who ARE smart, who ARE clean and who ARE good! damn…

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