Insane clown posse do not follow god , They worship the Devil/ satan (witch)

Most juggalos come here and spout lies about the Insane clown posse and their alleged Christian religious beliefs to try and make us think what they are doing is good.

The truth is the polar opposite but many juggalos do not know the truth. Most juggalos quote the unveyling as some sort or religous song which negates everything the insane clown posse has said in the past .

The true belief on the insane clown posse can be seen throughout their many albums – the very next track after the unveyling is  walk into the darkness….

In the name of the witch I cut the head off a mule / I gutted it out put it on and then I wore it to school

The witch is the juggalos devil , ever notice a whole lot of witchcraft and magic refernces to juggalo music ??? They have alluded to other acts of witchcraft and satanism such as black mirror scrying , back masking and animal worship.

Alot of artists have left psychopathic records due to the satanism and satanic preferences of violent J and shaggy 2 dope , most notably esham who changed his way on his album repentance which cause the insane clown posse to all by force him to leave.

25 responses to “Insane clown posse do not follow god , They worship the Devil/ satan (witch)

  1. There the wraith good. Then hells pit bad. They give juggalos they’re own path but Joseph Bruce and Joseph utsler both r follower of Jesus Christ are savior which under him you r sinning so fuk off


  2. So ESHAM the UNHOLY left Psychpathic because of satanism. Ha-ha. Do you need a 3rd grader to piece it together for you. He got butt hurt because he couldn’t be reffered to as the UNHOLY. Ahhhhhh, how cute the JH bitches can get on the Internet without there mommy’s permission. Clownin’, Ima act like Monoxide Child and do the freestyle dance but treat it like the victory dance……………………….done………

  3. Oh, and what would God think about you KILLING people LITERALLY, when we only mirror scry metaphorically? Ours is bad, yes…but it could be worse…we could be you JH people…. *gack* the thought just sickens the hell out of me.

  4. JUST like eatin’ infected pussy corn….they should know…they eat it every night cause it’s the only way their hooker will fuck them….

  5. I thought someone was going to have something smart to say to what I’ve said…


    • Oh that’s great, will I see you there…I’ll meet you as Karma the Klown from Cali….what you going to meet me as? Bitch-Made from Hatetucky? I’ll be there Mr. Ain’t Going To Do Shit. (BTW I’m serious about this, And that is my name and where I’m from and I want your name and where your from so I can show you we’re OG in Cali)

    • And is that all you have to say to what I’ve stated…I believe that it checkmate grasshopper.

  6. …I’m still waiting grasshopper…

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  8. This is just retarded.
    Violent J, and Shaggy 2 Dope are not Devil Worshipers.
    They have the whole “Horrorcore” thing going on simply to trick people into believing in God… There are many interviews stating that they have done this. Maybe if you looked into it a bit more, you’d see it.
    Many Blessings, Good Day.

  9. dost thy think thy are holyer than thou? that is a sin to say you are better or to denouce a christian! so in turn you are sinning not them.

  10. Im going to say this only because i believe the world may come to a end in the near future and honestly I want to go to heaven/paradise. I mean who doesn’t right? Except those who claim to be satanic. But anyway, to the point. I’ve been doing a lot of research about the bible and religion. and 666 is the mark of the beast which says so in the bible, there are 4 beast total. the mark goes on either the hand or forhead. the origin of 666 comes from pagan. They added the numbers of their gods (1-36; 1+2+3..etc) which equals 666 and they made amulets to protect themselves from their gods. but anyway. they made a title for the high priest, Maximus something another. and the bible says that god condemns pagan practices. but christian churches allowed the practices into the churches. but the Pope im sure we all know who that is, is the high priest. and the pope will mark those who he allows into heaven with a mark on their forhead. The truth is the devil runs this false religion. THE REASON im saying all of this is, the devil is the master of lies, hes trying to deceive as many people as he can to turn against god. so if the devil can control most of the worlds religion, and trick everyone that its all about god. why cant he get icp to trick people into thinking they are followers of god? it could just possibly all be a lie. Thats why they call it deceiving. But I have been a juggalo for years now, and im coming to relise, its all a trick. and guys i’d rather play it safe and go to somewhere good instead of not believing what i just said and go somewhere bad, just think about it. and heres something to show a little more proof, a fucking anitcross behind the pope
    so if any of you read all of this, you probably have faith in god, if you didnt read it, you may of just decided “i dont wanna read this shit” but this may be my very last WHOOP WHOOP

    • I used to be a juggalo, now I’ma Christian. They are satanic, God bless youI

    • 666 Is indeed the newer mark of the beast however the orginal mark is 999. You need to look it up. i am a wicked clown and a magic lover so i really do careless what everyone thinks of me is it santanic to love wicked spells and be abormal. I met a halocaust in kennett missouri. At hucks truckstop. but i ain’t got no hate in my body that i seen yet. Any ways not everyone is the. same

      matter what they do like or listen too so it is indeed a way of life. i shall always be down with the clown icp didn’t have my attention only twiztid an boondox abk an tech n9ne could get me intrested.

  11. to be honest i thought i was a juggalo i still like to say i am bec it was juggalos for life but then i heard that song saying they worship god… to be honest i really dont care if they did but i have a hard time beliving they worship god bec they rap about killing people and sining. but look at it this way every one has thier own belifs i belive in god and yeah im a juggalo. but no body in this world can say they live the perfect godly life. bible say every one sins whats why jesous died so we can be forgiven so this whole dame thing about we dont belive in god and are lieing can stop bec why the fuck would we lie when you are being so fucking stupied and hipacritical bec ant non of you living in a perfect society either ya dump asses

    • The only reason they talk about killing and sinning is when they’re talking about getting rid of all the evil in the world. Killing the rapists, child molestors, serial killers. They’re saying they wish they could get rid of those people but they can’t because killing is a sin. Sorry but you’re not a juggalo if you didn’t know that.

  12. So just because people dont lead a perfect life means its ok for them the fk it up even more almost every one like me and my hubby didnt know about this they need to tell people so we all know whats going on…. dumb ass what a CROCK OF SHIT Your the dumb ass judging him…. whoop whoop mother FUCKER….

  13. kingofhiphop1000

    i people i love who call themselves juggalo but sometimes the best way to stop a lovd one from bein stupid is to ignore the stupidity.
    but really the whole juggalo thing is not worth my attention.


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  15. I’ve actually only heard a couple of songs. Reason being is because my brother listens to it and I’ve heard a lot of things saying they were devil worshipers! I am a christain and was not about to let my brother listen to music that worships the devil. I think that there is honestly no try Christain in the band because they are teaching young children that it is ok to go and murder, steal, and commit suicide. They may truly be one if they have excepted Jesus Christ in their hearts and ask for forgiveness every night but I don’t think that what they are doing is right.

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  17. dustin medler

    Its like tech nine who darkened his own right eye on his albums first off itll be like noah a wicked nation a legion like anonymous wich in mark 5 verse 9 they are the devil and his demons.
    But then you truly listen to the lyrics of even twiztid they follow or idolize charles manson like dark half thinking it is a good idea and stating that this and that makes sense but by having no understanding of their own deceitful ways like twiztid saying come into the darkness yea ok better yet strangulation when one of the dudes says screaming at the saints your never going to get rid of us uhm this is the same reason tech nine better yet donte yates is pissed because i called them out on everything he has said and how worthless he truly lead these people to damnation straight to hell so he wrote the song on the bible a very foolish song when he knows he has no room to speak with anger or hatred on the bible the bible the word of god is peaceful he isnt. In the word of god the wicked nation burns and for them to even create one makes them worthless as well they say the wicked will never die but jesus christ says they will burn they say bring on that wicked shit all they want and love is wickedness but jesus christ says walk away from it do not be like the wicked quick to speak without understanding and loving their sins without faith so sin leads to death but now days you speak about it everyone is threatened crown the empire had a right making the song johnnys rebelion truly did anonymous arent good ether that is why they will burn just like the ugly serpent that attacked me while i was a child.

  18. This is nasty, ungodly, unholy, needs to be off the internet. May God be with them. JOHN 3.16 👑❤❤

  19. Theres a difference between being a christian and being christ-like…and the christ-like thing here to do is to drop the juggalo hate, and pray for them…hell please pray for all of us!

    – been down with the Clown for 20+ YEARS! Whoop Whoop! Proud parent, loving husband and still love Jesus! Lifes too short to hate PEOPLE OVER MUSIC!… much love

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