Juggalos vs Christians

Buddy, Brian and Justin preaching at the Insane Clown Posse concert at Tremont Music Hall Charlotte NC December 12, 2010

This just proves juggalos are satanists, when a real christian meets a juggalo , juggalos get violent , swear , provoke and start fights where they outnu.

God Bless Buddy, Brian and Justin and keep up the good work in helping juggalos find God.


2 responses to “Juggalos vs Christians

  1. i just want to say your a bunch of nobodys god does love everyone he gives the chance for forgiveness and we are all gods children. i know what the bible says my grandad is a preacher for crying out loud. im a juggalette and you all sound stupid as fuck. give it up all ready. your not making a point your crew is limited juggalo is a way of life we will out number you the wicked clowns will never die we will be around forever. we are not a fuckin gang we are a family a way of life a way of looking at things the same way as other people but from different angles. are we supposed to be scared of you cause you try to joke wll guess what we are not and never will be so bring all you got we will crush you WHOOP WHOOP.
    wicked clowns will never die but JH will.

  2. WTF!?!!?? well what the FUCK is wrong with the jh?????????? um u kill juggalos for no reason? ok than FUCK YOU!!!

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