Erki Ruddock – The Nazi Juggalo – UNJF

Another Racist Juggalo – I see the UNJF is gaining in numbers.

Bet he’s got his racist juggalo belt buckle on right now.

3 responses to “Erki Ruddock – The Nazi Juggalo – UNJF

  1. Lol u have GOT to be kidding! Juggalo “Holocaust” (Lolz even harder) c’mon now children. And I read “JH is invading the ’11 Gotj” Invading? Don’t you mean paying 200$ to walk into an enormous group of people with anti ICP picket signs looking like COMPLETE idiots? Or would you rather stay outside and converse with the authorities on how “bad, satanic things are going on in there” I know ill be there (my 1st time! Yay!) and if me or any of my buddies see you— (probably a 15 year old and his girlfriend’s parents) we will make damn sure to point and laugh as hard as we possibly can, then calmly walk away as if you never existed. But yeah, best of luck with your hopeless crusade, rly. Good-day : )

  2. And this dumb fuck who you obviously quoted on Facebook, should be kicked in his vagina as hard as possible by anybody claiming Family Love. He is obviously not “family” .

  3. When are juggalo BELTS racist?! When did THIS happen?? Oh that’s right, never! Tell me one thing about a juggalo belt that is racist Then we’ll talk

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