carnival clothing is selling dress up gear for hatchet men , the problem is most of it is most of it is gang related.

Clearly juggalos are getting more and more gang related , and events like the gathering of the juggalos needs to be banned as it is nothing more then a gang meeting .



  1. Yeah, because we go to the Gathering for solely gang purposes and to NOT see events that have women topless, carnival rides and concerts and if they ban it we riot.

  2. this makes no sence tht is the psychopathic rydas hatchetman without the gun and you ppl cant talk because some of your supporters killed a girl in colarado and carved JK meaning (juggalo killa) on her chest and said that they represent and fully support your movent and they would killa a thousand juggalo and juggalettes to rid the country of us, so i dnt wanna hear your “complaints” about how we are a gang. and as for the gathering what about woodstock where everyone smoked and took every kind of drug imaginable there and what abbout their fans doing the same thing i dont see you bitching about that???? the gathering is NOT a gang meeting if u had ever been to one you would know that its not just ICP and that type of music that performs there all kinds of rap artists play at the gathering so learn your facts and make sure they are kegit with PROOF before you post this propaganda and bullshit like this right here

  3. The moderaters on this site have the originality of a 3rd grader gettin on the computer for their first time. Fuck you moderater. I don’t care if this message doesn’t go public because this is for you and I have gotten my message through. You can lick the sweatiest part of my ballsac. Oh, and you better not think that’ll get you somewhere ’cause you’re just another lame ass computer geek.

  4. So should Tailgating be banded too? Sence Clearly it’s Too a Gang Meeting of dangerous Football Fanatics>.> please people… I beg to you, be smarter than this.

  5. stupid fucking bible thumpers. Come to my hood, bitches and I’ll show you some real gang activity. Go play with the Crips, nigga. I dare you to spout to them jackass. I’m a juggalette, been down since I was 9 so fuck you fuckers. Me, my husband, and my 2 little girls will rock the hatchet whether your faggot asses like it or not. I want to see the look on your face when my 3 year tell you to go fuck yourself while she throws the wicked clown

  6. this is pretty funny now caue i been a juggalo for 12 year never rep a gang in my life never did nything another juggalo has ev er told me to do unless it was the right thing to do i live for myself and no others fake ass juggalos who be gettin themselves introuble as they do in the news and shit icp and psychopathic records does not condon an of that shit and openly say that they would rather those kind of people not listen to there music now if we was such a violent gang wouldnt they publicly welcome violence if you truely listen to lyrics of the songs icp puts out they are telling people to be themselves and all be tru to them selves and to find god so if they cant find god and walk to the road to hell then that is there choose every creature on this dirt ball we call earth has this right to do right or wrong just because he has been labeled as a juggalo or she a juggalette does not mean that jsut becaue of this music these people have done thi souly on there is an underlying problem inside the person that made them do this like dead heads and kiss heads hulk a maniac’s any celebs you put in front of the general public someone will find themselves the time to hate now im not planning on comin back for your responce but to open your eyes as mine have been opening wider over the last 12 years why i hold a hatchet and supports 50% of my brothers and sisters because i know and you know there are 2 diffrent kinds of juggalos the real and the fake

  7. i disagree with the juggalos being a gang, its the people that call it a gang. omg it makes me so mad that we as people like icp or any type of record in the same category are gangmembers SO NOT TRUE. its the person not only the ones that are into icp..i listen to icp everyday since high school and have the logos on my car. does not mean im in a gang…………..

  8. Fuck u. This is the fuckin psychopathic rydas hatchetman. Don’t talk shit about something u know nothing about

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