XXXXXXL sized shirt on hatchetgear O_O

Holy shit theres a XXXXXXL sized shirt on hatchetgear

Violent J needs clothes too.

5 responses to “XXXXXXL sized shirt on hatchetgear O_O

  1. yea we keep it fat a hard to kidnap like madrox and ima let u no yall mofo dont scare i know i dont need noone but myself but back in the day when kid pretty much getting kicked i knew who i could depend on so come get me cause ill die 4 wat i believe in

  2. Whoop-Whoop, these bitches are just furious because it still doesn’t it them. It’s because they need a XXXXXXXXL. Hahaaha

    yes because jh members buy from hatchet gear you deluded fuckhead

    • I thought you guys wanted to come to the Gathering looking like us….hmm now who looks like a retard. And thank you for the compliment ma’am.

  3. *yawn* who’s next?

  4. candice grell from iowaaaaaaaa

    dude these are some sad people you hate us yet all u guys do is sit on ur mother fucking asses and research us are u serious and law abiding citizens god hillarious knee slappin shit also u based our numbers by one album ur arguement is weak as well lmao

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