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true juggalo family -discusses juggalo gang membership truejuggalofamily.com

For all the juggalos claiming juggalos are not gang members or not associated with gangs -, check out this lovely thread from jh infiltrated website true juggalo family


I’ve recently had someone inquire- whether they can be in Latin Kings and be a juggalo at the same time.

I’m wondering if he’s asking because of the whole “Forks up, Forks down” shit shaggys always talkin about not to mention the ringmaster is throwin up GD.. the pitchfork is the hand sign of the Gangster Disciples, whom are rivals to the Latin Kings..

Yes ICP used to be a gang, they also ended up using their music to get out of that life because they didn’t want to get killed in it.

To be honest, who are we or anyone else, to say weather he can or can’t? One of the big points of being a Juggalo/Juggalette is that we DON’T judge people.

I was thinking about this today at work…If someone above him in the Latin Kings, tells him to knock the fock out of, or off someone he knows is a Juggalo…whats he gunna do?



Juggalo Holocaust Comedian owns Juggalos

are all juggalos this stupid ???


icp has a new facebook



twiztid dismembered

twiztid dismembered or is twiztid dismembered

Racist Juggalo does Blackface – racism in juggalos

A juggalo dresses in blackface and posts on youtube – what is the world coming to, he must be part of the UNJF or one of those racist juggalos which do not exist according to the thousands of emails i get .

Shame on you and your true juggalo family , you are nothing but a racist and you should be disowned by your juggalo family – which wont happen as the majority of juggalos are racist.