Juggalo Holocaust Comedian owns Juggalos

are all juggalos this stupid ???


4 responses to “Juggalo Holocaust Comedian owns Juggalos

  1. That was actually a pretty clever comeback, for a juggalo.
    I was expecting something along the lines of “Fuck Yeah, Bitch”.

  2. Juggalos are gay ass bitches!!!!

  3. hey yo man! motha fucking Juggalette here ninjas!! This is increadibly stupid ya fucks… yeah i know we can be rude and stupid but not as stupid as you JH!! We have millions of homies here we can tear you appart and also AINT NOTHING GOING TO STOP US!


  4. the more you hate the more of us juggalos there will be so keep h8in as we increase in numbers and wash you out look around you there are juggalos everywhere nurses doctors business owners lawyers preists the list goes on so just be careful what shit you talk because next time you are under the knife it may be a juggalo holding it

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