true juggalo family -discusses juggalo gang membership

For all the juggalos claiming juggalos are not gang members or not associated with gangs -, check out this lovely thread from jh infiltrated website true juggalo family

I’ve recently had someone inquire- whether they can be in Latin Kings and be a juggalo at the same time.

I’m wondering if he’s asking because of the whole “Forks up, Forks down” shit shaggys always talkin about not to mention the ringmaster is throwin up GD.. the pitchfork is the hand sign of the Gangster Disciples, whom are rivals to the Latin Kings..

Yes ICP used to be a gang, they also ended up using their music to get out of that life because they didn’t want to get killed in it.

To be honest, who are we or anyone else, to say weather he can or can’t? One of the big points of being a Juggalo/Juggalette is that we DON’T judge people.

I was thinking about this today at work…If someone above him in the Latin Kings, tells him to knock the fock out of, or off someone he knows is a Juggalo…whats he gunna do?


10 responses to “true juggalo family -discusses juggalo gang membership

  1. Aren’t gangsters killed for being part of more than one gang? You guys seem more like a gang than Juggalos too…nevermind. You ARE a gang…here I left it simple…so I can see who’s going to try to stomp me…try and stomp me. I can’t wait I’m literally drowning in anticipation.

    • totally agree with you and how can they be in the LATIN kings if they are white just comes to show that every blog juggalo holocaust puts up they look more retarted than the last…… wait……i know some reatards that are way more smart than these dumbasses lol

  2. juggalo for life hoe

    this website is the most dumb fucking thing ive ever seen who ever made this site should be hit in the head with a hatchet.if you dont know what the fucka juggalo is then dont talk shit

  3. you truly are a dumbass

  4. All juggalos are dumb bitches and should put a hatchet up their ass. You guys paint your faces cause your all ugly as fuck and the facepaint makes you look ugly but it’s 10 times better than your ugly bitchass self. Juggalos are all faggots and non of them are hard they just wanna wear the same red shirt every day so they thought, “hey that ugly ass motherfucker is a juggalo and he never changes his shirt, I wanna be a juggalo!” fuck you juggalos

    • your a dumd cunt who dont know shit i shower daily wash my clothes frequently and im not ugly baed on the amount of ladies(lettes and non) who think im sexy so what im down to get dirty just means i aint afraid to do some work and i do work i aint white im a hispanic juggalo and i am hard your bitch ass should come to daygo and ley me stomp your face in you wanna be cool kid FTFT BITCH WHOOP WHOOP cali lo in this sdjrk

    • Fuck u us juggalo’s are fucking cool u mother fuckers are just Hater’s fuck off

  5. These fake ass niggas dont know what the fuck they are talking bout, why dont yall fuck off and bother an accual gang. Like “CRIP HOLOCAUST- ban the color blue, its the color of crips!!!”Leave us alone and FUCK OFF!!!
    Go to a crip gathering then go to the GOTJ and tell me whos a fucking gang
    And tell me, why does the JH logo look like The King Of Pop???

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