family guy watches insane clown posse

what happens when you watch icp as shown by peter griffin

2 responses to “family guy watches insane clown posse

  1. What do you guys have against the family were not a gang were more of a family we help each other out and yes there are bad juggalos out there but we dont think of them as family.

  2. Regardless of how some of you morons may feel about people and the way they act, it’s really quite ignorant to create what your calling a holocaust, it’s unbelievable that society today would allow this, I’ve met many juggalo in my day and all have been kind to me, some doctors, lawyers, teachers, children, teens, just about anyone could in fact be one. I want you to remember that the next time you see your dentist. I HAVE the utmost respect for violent j and shaggy 2 dope for creating a unity worldwide that’s hard to find what with idiots screaming holocaust out there. I believe you should shut this site down out of the fact that you really have no reason to want thus and by running thus site you’ve yet but proven the juggalo point, we should not hate each other but show live to each other and those that start annoying little things like this site are the real problem out there. Leave this wonderful accepting FAMILY alone please. And MUCH CLOWN LOVE, WHOOP WHOOP.

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