Why Juggalos should be banned from public Places

Disgusting and lewd act performed by a juggalo then uploaded on youtube for others to laugh at.

8 responses to “Why Juggalos should be banned from public Places

  1. an asshole is an asshole no matter what race,religion,color or if there a juggalo

  2. i agree fully and what is up with this website you gotta love something quite a bit to dedicate a hate site to it people are ignorant it makes me sad how stupid people are i see kids everywhere doing that shit but because you found a video of a kid with an icp shirt now only we do it fuck off

  3. Yinz need to get a grip on reality we listen to icp and weare there shit because we can relate to there songs u assholes so do us juggalos a fave and grow the fuck up whoop whoop bitches

  4. Fcuk everyone that agrees with this post. Not all Juggalos or juggalettes are bad. I love icp there awesome and they have good music if ur a juggalo or juggalette u have the same rights as everyone else does. So fcuk u people thats “racist” against juggalos!!!

  5. You know I really hate all the assumptions people make when I wear anything representing the hatchet hell last night I was just wearing a jersey and getting some shit for halloween this girl sees me and hides behind her guy says something I couldn’t hear then he blows it off and says in a pissed off way “She’s probably just doing it to make a point” Yeah I’m doing it to make a point that I’m down with the clown and if people would actually listen and truly listen to the music and meaning behind the lyrics instead of just automatically judging then maybe they might learn something. They think all of us are ignorant street punks or some shit like that my question is what would they have said if I told them that I’m a premed student?

  6. hahaha, this asshole. Were not just Juggalos and Juggalettes, were a damn family. We don’t go postin BS about you mainstream little girls and yall’s nasty ass Rihana do we? hell naw, cause we got respect. If you could find a legit source saying we suport violence against women, then shit, be my guest. Im a woman, and I’ve been with my Juggalo boyfriend for over a year, and never once has he ever disrespected me, A WOMAN, as much as people like you. Matter of fact, he’s never disrespected me.
    And once again, here’s a little fact for you since your obviously not smart enough to get our facts straight, Violent J has a daughter of his own! Why the hell would he support something like that if he doesn’t even want his own kid to experience something like that. Use your computer for something useful, instead of sitting here hating on a family, and get a life, and GTFO your computer, whiny ass. Btw, Violent J AND Shaggy have both said that they DO NOT SUPPORT violence against women, so do your research little boy, girl. Whatever the fuck you are, I could care less.

    Peace out,

  7. I am a Juggalo myself and half the shit you people are describing on this website is not all Juggalos. You need to look at it on an individual basis. We are all about love for friends and family and do not promote violent actions. We are not bad people and should be shown the respect as every other normal citizen gets. Show some respect cause you do have Juggalos that serve in your military such as myself. I’m a Juggalo and also serve our country as a marine. Think bout that. MCL

  8. fuck you not all of us juggalos are bad so go and suck a fucking dick i will not stand by and let you dis a whole group because of one person

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