Juggalos Stealing from Poor Sick Children – Holiday Heat

A while ago the Insane Clown Posse ran a toy drive where for every toy donated the juggalo who donated said toy would receive the album Holiday heat for free. While this toy drive might of been a commendable act and good PR for the insane clown posse , The vast majority of juggalos have not donated a toy and pirated the album , and those that have ended up selling the album on ebay for a quick buck – Stealing Toys from sick children and robbing from charity.

While this juggalo toy drive was supposed to show that juggalos are not all bad and are good people who give to charity ,Most likely created to try and repair their image of a violent gang who attack females like Tila Tequila, Sugar Slams toy drive has failed and now she will be weeping after the vast majority of juggalos pirated the album – holiday heat and donated nothing , ruining many sick and poor childrens Christmases – Whoop whoop has now been replaced by Bah Humbug.

I think its time to change the lyrics to Santas a Fat Bitch from

Santa Claus is a fat bitch
Another year and I aint get shit


Juggalos are a big fat bitch – Another Year and sick children aint getting shit.


13 responses to “Juggalos Stealing from Poor Sick Children – Holiday Heat

  1. Juggalos are the dumbest looking wannabe white trash gang on the planet. Their parents are all alcoholics so they have to look to terrible music for guidance but it does nothing to help them move out of their parent’s trailer. Ever see a juggalette under 300lbs? If you say you have, you’re lying.

    By the way, Juggalos, it’s called soap. It’s not expensive.

  2. this is impossible because the cds wont be sent out until the end of january you guys are just mad because you dont have enough followers to put on a charity event

  3. zeekerchaos@gmail.com

    Im not gonna go on all about how you people are stupid and how you “HATE” so much. you see. its bad when i search up ICP on google or ANYWHERES on the net i get here. or i get youtube videos of people saying how fat juggalos are and how their all cracked out trailer trash scumbags. now im not one to call someone a scumbag but when i see one i know one, and its not because you dont dress fresh without dirt underneath your nails. its not about your white tee being spotless. or even being broke. Its these kinds of things that truely make YOU a scumbag. that you seriosuly take all your time and dedicate it to us JUGGALOS , i mean im flabergasted for real but. man. get off our nuts haha
    alls im sayin is. yes their is phat kid juggalos, were always gonna keep it scrubbin and we gives no fuck about what yall say. we smoke green and have fun. we all cant have mommy and daddys to clean our nut packages for us like yall. so we deal with our own.

    much love to the fam.


  4. fuck you ass wipe! We shower and if some dont deal with it! now who the hell created that artical i want to punch that guy in the lip cuz i donated! And wheres the evidence for your suspition? hmmmm??



  5. yeah i know that and sometimes i question the enternet like with YOU gay Ass site! Dont go on made websites nor facebook and shit, wiki or any of those unreliable deals man i KNOW how to cite stuff that’s why i GO TO SCHOOL to lear this shit to take you DOOWWWNNN

  6. 1.icp has been doing toy drives way before all this bad publisty
    2.i donated hot wheels to the toy drive so dont say no one fucking donated

  7. Yeah, quite a few of my juggalo homies, including myself, donated to the drive because we wanted to help out and receive this new album for our collections (which by the way is fresh as fuck). The fuckers who pirated the album and STOLE from the charity are NOT juggalos. They’re fucking cheap ass pieces of shit who rep the name of juggalo incorrectly.

  8. travis inherst

    look here all you racist fucks you want to talk all your big words over the net like you know who we are you know nothing. gang? really? just because we look different and dont belive the same things you do and some young ass kids are starting static thinking they know wtf is going on all of a sudden we are a gang? so i guess you people think all black peaple mexicans etc. anyone who fits the discription above is a gang, in all due fairness anyway. i am 24 yrs old i have been a juggalo for 15 yrs and not once have i been in a gang killed anyone disrespected everyone around me or any of the bullshit you THINK a juggalo is yeah i sent a goddamn toy and no i didnt recive the cd yet and no im not going to pirate it no matter who the fuck you are talking about even if one of your favorite “upstanding” bands or artists were to give an offer of the same caliber do you not think most people would do the same thing regaurdless of who tf is giving the offer? this is just another reason for little scared people afraid of what is different to cry and bitch tuff behind a computer screen you are not real hard tuff or anything else you would like to describe yourself for being so proud of your ignorance this site is dedicated to ignorance hatred fake peoiple trying to be real one day try sitting with a REAL juggalo and see what it is really about but like a racist redneck you wouldnt give it a chance because you are too ignorant. of course if you look at your ignorance and that of a racist pice of shit you are one in the same. i am educated i am starting a business this year have two beautiful well taken care of boys yeah i weigh 298 who the hell cares im better than you and by now i know it makes you sick but no i will not take pride in being better than something as worthless as any of you that is a feat easily accomplished by anyone thank you have a good day and dont let your ignorance consume you anymore than it already has because you will just become the demon you claim to “hate” so much. last words; they say hate is just another form of love only stronger something to think about as you wallow in your filth

  9. My boyfriend and I donated over $300 worth of toys and winter apparel. I did get some of it on sale so I didn’t spend that but the point is that those kids got a lot just from the boxes we sent. We also collected additional stuff from our co-workers my employer at the time even donated some stuff. We Juggalos are very generous and will give you the shirt off their back if we feel you need it more than we do. We also work together to get shit done. What has your group done to make the world a better place? Ours has united hundreds of thousands of people into a single Christian family, many of us from broken homes, some addicts, but all true Juggalos would stick their neck out for one another having never even met. Don’t believe we are Christian, listen to the song Thy Unveiling on The Wraith: Shangri-la. We have pulled off quite successful toy drives. Did you ever call the hotline that listed the names of the people who donated? I did, and after an hour of name after name I hung up because I still hadn’t heard mine. Let ye who cast the first stone be judged. You, dear sir or madam, are a close minded bigot blinded by your hatred of yourself and jealousy of the unity Juggalos share. I personally feel sorry for you and hope that you can find a good therapist to help you work through those issues. Side note, I am 5’4″, over the last three years have weighed between 111-127 lbs, and a Juggalette!


  10. Fuck everyone who talks shit. I work hard for my money. I’m 24 years old with a degree in auto mechanic, business, and history. I provide for myself, my girl, and my cousins, nieces, and nephews, who live in a fucking country that just got finished with a war and don’t have enough money to rebuild. All of my homies are upstanding people with proper jobs and college degree’s too. It doesn’t matter if your of a different race, poor, or stupid. As long as you show respect, respect other people and never act like a scumbag like the people who talk shit on here and all other sites. FUCK OFF AND GET A LIFE. Yes some are scumbags but those people aren’t juggalo’s they give us a bad name. DON”T JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS FUCKING COVER! Once you meet the person and they show disrespect than don’t hang with them. I’ve met pleanty of people over the years who claim juggalo and they aren’t. There pieces of shit and I don’t trust. But don’t distinguished a couple dipshits over a whole group.

  11. Hate will always flow like waters of a river, but haters don’t realize that blood well stay thicker than water. People will hate because we are where they wanna be, and they well never taste the true delicacy of family. People like these Juggalo Holocaust members are the kind of people them themselves are trying to rid the world of, so who’s really pathetic JH? Where is your you drive? When are you going to lend a hand out for the needy kids of the world? Or are you just going to murder more innocent people like the sick sociopathic psychopaths that you are on the inside?

  12. just to burst a bubble in your little jh bullshit every one of your mutha fuckers thats came at me ive beatin the shit out of… dont start shit with some one who can smash your head into the concreate… and my lette ways 120 soakin wet because she got a man who can fuck not some wannabe bitch boy that wears girl pants so tight that your little nuts cant breath, yall might as well have a cunt, eat shit, keep hatin, and keep comin at me.. ive smashed over 20 ppl with their jh tats… look at me or mine one time like youre goin to do somethin you mite as well go ahead and dig yo self a grave if you want to join the numbers ill be waiting for you and all your hatin fucks in the words of the great one KNOW YOUR ROLE AND SHUT YOUR FUCKIN mouth

  13. I’m not a Juggalo but coming from Flint, MI I know a lot of them, and yes, as with every other group of people there ARE assholes in the group, but not all of them are. Yeah, its pretty shitty to steal an album you were supposed to get from dontating to a charity, but the way you’re talking about it in this article is ridiculous. As if only ICP fans pirate music. Do you really think if it was a Coldplay album or a Eminem or any other major artist who did this there wouldn’t be fans of THEIRS stealing the album? To pretend like all fans of other artists wouldn’t do the same thing is stupid. You’re making it sound like pirating music is purley a Juggalo thing. Its not. There are cheap bastards everywhere who would steal the album from their favorite artists.

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