Proud Members of the Juggalo Cult

A Juggalo Admits to being a proud member of the juggalo Cult/

Whoop Whoop MMFWCL

4 responses to “Proud Members of the Juggalo Cult

  1. look i catch a juggalo hater ima burry my axe in da side of his bitch ass head fuck u fuckin biggot bitchez so scrimps n juice n killin nazi sluts is what i do best fuck u u pussy as hitler bitchez and u will never ban juggalos bitch cant do that to ur lil klan meetins can u so suk my gun barrel bitch bring yo ass to biloxi ms and we will all cut cho mutta fuckin throats bitch whoop whoop

    Inner City Posse I.C.P COME FIND ME

    • Hatas gonna hate….but….justa remember fuck holez….youll get ye head spliten…WHOOP WHOOP BITCHEZ…ull never get rid of us u can never get rid of uz u bitchez…juggaloz r here ta stay….FOREVER…LONG LIVE JUGGALOS….haha ima SICK twisted and wicked mutha fucka…dnt think i wont split ye head…..hahahah….u fuck holez…

  2. i like juggalo…

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