Typical Juggalo Gang Threat

heres one of the hundred of messages we get each week from juggalo gang members .

Ok you fuckin haters! Alot of my friends are juggalo’s and stuff they’ve NVR killed anyone and if you think ICP is a gang then you are starting oner also. (First step claim not to be a gang or violent – Check)But go ahead try some shit in my area (step 2 call people to your area – CHECK)I bet if you come walkin up 2 my family of jugglo’s we’ll fuck you bitches up.(Make Claim that if we visit said area we will be attacked – CHECK)We’re goin to find you’re mutherfuckin hide out and eliminate you before you even get close to us. (Plan for juggalo Gang to Find and Attack US – Check)

This Juggalo Gang Wants a Turf War

2 responses to “Typical Juggalo Gang Threat

  1. First off im gonna say that im a juggalo, im 16, I live in Oregon, and im a productive member of society. I go to school, get good grades, have friends and family that love me, and i have a job in construction that pays 13 an hour. I am everything that your short sighted stereo-type of a juggalo does not include. How are you gonna put me in the same classification as that wack-ass crayola fakealo in the youtube video? You cant judge a government like us based on the stupid actions of one idiot claiming to be a juggalo. This website is terrorism, propaganda and a waste of words. Why start beef with a family that transcends time? We will always be around. The first generation of juggaloes has come and gone and passed the torch to a younger, beautiful generation of juggaloes eager to carry on the work of our predecessors. We will never DIE. Fuck your hatred for my family. Fuck everything that you think you will accomplish with your anti juggalo propaganda you fucking nazi NIGGER. Fuck you, Fuck your mom, Fuck your mom’s momma, Fuck the Beastie Boys and the Dali Llama, Fuck the rain forest, Fuck Forrest Gump (the fakealo mother fucker), You probably like it in the rump! Mad Mother Fucking Wicked Clown Love to all the REAL motherfuckers in the world. SOLID JUGGALO WORLD WE NEVER DIE!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. If your aprat of JH you are the stupiest people in the world. Trying to stop fans from liking their favorite band? thats like telling someone they can’t be apart of the KISS army. You are stupid, Need to get a clue and stop hating. Cause when the day comes and your looking and the gates to heaven, God will send you to hell. Killing people for liking icp is ignorant.

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