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What juggalos and icp will be remembered for in 2010

With 2010 Now over what will juggalos be remembered for during last year

1. Tila Tequila Attack

In August, Juggalos tried to kill Tila Tequila at the annual Gathering of the Juggalos in Illinois. The Insane Clown Posse fans were so angry that Tequila was at their “underground” Shangri-La that they threw eggs, poop, cans of Faygo, dildos and diapers at her. Apparently, Tequila continued performing once objects started flying; she shouted, “I don’t give a fuck!” then pulled off her top before she got hit on the head and was carried away by security.

2. Juggalo Murderers – Alyssa Bustamante and Steven Spader
Two Vile juggalo criminals influenced by Insane clown posses and juggalo music committed vile crimes and now locked up.

3. Juggalo Killers Gang – A Gang of juggalos carving JK into 14 year and 19 year old girls – you should be ashamed.

Conley said a 19-year-old woman who identifies herself as a Juggalette was attacked last week by members of the Juggalo Killers.
He said the girl was riding her bicycle north on Washington Boulevard when two men in a black Honda stopped and attacked her, knocking her unconscious. She awoke in the 300 block of 10th Street, without her bike, and with cut marks on her wrist and the letters “JK” carved into her chest.

4. Juggalo Fund-raising – Sugar Slam Toy drive.
What could be the only good things juggalos have done all year has been overshadowed with tons of juggalos pirating the free album which was received for donating a toy – stealing toys from children. The vast majority of juggalos have not donated a toy and pirated the album , and those that have ended up selling the album on ebay for a quick buck – Stealing Toys from sick children and robbing from charity.

5. Juggalo gang members banned from school , t shirts confiscated and members handcuffed.

Juggalos pushed the boundary in many places taking their music and clothing to inappropriate areas of learning like schools, which has now caused many schools to ban juggalos and their paraphernalia .
A great victory taking vile music and gang clothing out of schools , more needs to be done .

ICP are not a Christian band – do not believe the lies

One of the lies is icp is a religious or Christian band , mostly by juggalos to defend their bands lyrics and to allow their music to be played in schools which are against this sort of music.

The ICP’s announcement was widely derided by, well, pretty much everyone. They found it hard to explain themselves. When asked by Guardian reporter Jon Ronson about the hypocrisy of their violent lyrics encouraging murder, rape, and other un-Christianlike activities, as well as their willful ignorance to science, Violent J just made an analogy about how science is like fucking your girlfriend’s mom. OK! So that’s what made fellow Separated at Birth clown Micael Bogar take notice prior to the Rally to Restore Sanity. Bogar organized a troupe of amateur clowns to attend the rally as the Sane Clown Posse, a group of clowns who prized rationality over all other things. The clowns made signs like “There’s actually a perfectly rational explanation for magnets” and “Rainbows are light diffractions.” I embedded with them, red nose and everything, and became part of one of the rally’s more popular photo opportunities.