ICP are not a Christian band – do not believe the lies

One of the lies is icp is a religious or Christian band , mostly by juggalos to defend their bands lyrics and to allow their music to be played in schools which are against this sort of music.

The ICP’s announcement was widely derided by, well, pretty much everyone. They found it hard to explain themselves. When asked by Guardian reporter Jon Ronson about the hypocrisy of their violent lyrics encouraging murder, rape, and other un-Christianlike activities, as well as their willful ignorance to science, Violent J just made an analogy about how science is like fucking your girlfriend’s mom. OK! So that’s what made fellow Separated at Birth clown Micael Bogar take notice prior to the Rally to Restore Sanity. Bogar organized a troupe of amateur clowns to attend the rally as the Sane Clown Posse, a group of clowns who prized rationality over all other things. The clowns made signs like “There’s actually a perfectly rational explanation for magnets” and “Rainbows are light diffractions.” I embedded with them, red nose and everything, and became part of one of the rally’s more popular photo opportunities.

6 responses to “ICP are not a Christian band – do not believe the lies

  1. There is not one song that has to do with rape and ya’ll r the jk and fuck all yall its JRB bitches

  2. ugh… must must i do the siting of this lame subject AGAIN?!?! dudes… look it up on google or some shit come….

  3. look at these idiots

    Why does no one actually LISTEN to music? Their music wasnt about doing any of that it was about how BAD it is… Halls of illusions go look it up and actually LISTEN for once. idiots

  4. ‎”we follow GOD”….THE biggest lie ever lol….Isn’t that wonderful? Now you can praise the Lord and worship him while singing along to all of the classic ICP songs like Chicken Huntin’ and Murder Rap, among others….lulz to the hypocrites.

  5. I wouldn’t call them a “Christian band” … but songs like “let’s go all the way” are pretty obvious. It’s like South Park… fantastic, moral points, covered in a facade of the grotesque. They’re not backing a particular church, but a lot of their songs have been very pro-morality. Manson’s the same way.

  6. Its kinda funny, when i told my Metalhead/Atheist buddy that “As i lay Dying” were a christian band, he got irrate. Hell no he says, i dont believe that. Then i show him an interview where they admit that their faith is the inspiration behind their lyrics, he still denied it.

    Then i tell him ICP is allegedly christian, admiting they found God. He responds, that makes sense. At which point i pointed out the violent lyrics which have inspired countless gruesom acts of violence. Still well they probably are christian.

    I felt the need to point out that in the original UK Guardian article never shows either shaggy or violent j using the words “christian” or “evangelical”. Infact, simply implying God could mean allah vishnu or any other God.

    The sense i got from the OP is that the Jugga-Dopes were exposed to some form of Intelligent Design and had no way of articulating what they learned.

    The Guardian, being predictably anti-ID, took the usual ignorant position of equating ID to christian evangelicals. Though ID style arguments have existed in Islam since at least the 12th century. *facepalm*

    I wonder if the Media is full of Juggaloes. Their impared judgement seems to convey this fact.

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