Juggalos views on violence against women

This is the resounding comment by juggalos on the attack on women.

Plus she was warned before she went on stage
Shes the one that made the choice to do it
So what if she got hurt by juggalos
So she can’t do shit to us JUGGALOS
Plus all the shit were not a gang or a clut
Were a famliy
We don’t give a shit,

4 responses to “Juggalos views on violence against women

  1. maybe if she wasn’t threating ppl that would not have happened to her thats the reason that shit happened to her and if you bitches went to the gathering threatening ppl and talkin shit like you do on this ya’ll would get beat down too

  2. she did get warned any dumbass would know not to take youre shirt off when you are getting shit thrown at you


  3. what if that as my mother????you dumbasses first of all my mom would have the sense(as of any human being with a iq level over 92) to get off the stage when shes getting shit thrown at you,not to take youre shirt off.

  4. i think every juggalo who was at the gathering aggrees that everyone should have followed her and gang raped her. everyone had a plan to do that but she went to some trailer that nobody saw

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