Lil Juggalo Gangsta

What great parenting. you not only teaching ur son how to be an emo juggalo faggot, but ur lettin him play around with guns. Hes gunna grow up and be a serial killer and murder innocent people  i hope u know that.

7 responses to “Lil Juggalo Gangsta

  1. Actually he won’t, because Juggalos all grow up to be losers. Losers are nobodies, and you are implying that a Jugglett could grow up to be something more than just an adult sized specimen of Juggalo/Juggaho.

  2. First of all, is that your son? I don’t think so. Is he your responsibilty? I don’t think so again. All I have to say about this, is let them raise their child how they want to. You have no right to be posting this video up, and have to right to say that this angel from Shangri-La is going to be a serial killer or anything like that. If his parent want him to be a Juggalo, then he will possibly be one. Listen, everything you have on this page is false. We are not a Gang, we are not a cult, we are not anything you acuse us of being. We don’t care what you have to say about us, your words can’t touch us. WE ARE A FAMILY OF MISFITS AND OUTSIDERS OF SOCIETY. By calling yourself, or selves “The Juggalo Holocaust”, you mak e yourself see like a Nazi. Yeah that is right I called you a Nazi, and that is what you are. Hitler tried to kill a lifestyle, and/or a religion, that is what you are doing. You are trying to end a lifestyle, it is like trying to get people to stop wearing Basketball t-shirts. You are not doing right. You are following Hitler’s exaple, I don’t believe that that is the right choice, but everyone to their own opinion. YOU ARE TRYING TO TAKE A LIFESTYLE AWAY FROM PEOPLE. THAT IS WRONG. WHY WON’T YOU LET US JUST BE? THE REASON MOST HATERS HATE US, IS BECAUSE WE ARE WHO WE ARE. WE DON’T HAVE TO BE WHAT ARE PARENTS SET US OUT TO BE. WE DON’T HAVE TO BE THE FAKES THAT DRESS LIKE PREPS, THEN GO TO BATHROOM TO CUT THEMSELVES. WE ARE PEOPLE JUST LIKE YOU, GET OVER YOURSELVES. HATE US ALL YOU WANT, BECAUSE WE’RE DIFFERENT AND YOU CAN’T STAND IT. YOU WANT US TO BE LIKE YOU. A COMPLETE FAKE THAT SOCIETY WANTS TO SEE. THAT IS NOT US. GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT. I COUNT YOU AS A PERSON, BECAUSE YOU ARE. BUT YOU ARE NOT DOING RIGHT BY TRYING TO KILL A LIFESTYLE, AND WHAT SOME JUGGALOS CONSIDER THEIR RELIGION. WE ARE PEOPLE. WE JUST LISTEN TO MUSIC, AND WEAR THE GEAR. JUST BECAUSE THEY RAP ABOUT SINGING DOESN’T MEAN ME AND MY JUGGALO FAMILY ARE GOING TO GO OUT AND KILL PEOPLE! THAT IS NOT US. SURE SOME FAMILY MESSES UP, BUT WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO “FORGIVE AND FORGET” ? YOU MAKE ME SICK. YOU ARE JUST LIKE HITLER.

    Sarahi Madrox

  3. *glares* fuck you man! I’m workin to get a freakin Masters in Alturnitive med. bitch! look nowhere in that video did it tell you that the boy or the parent was a lo or lette i-i mean where did you get THAT idea?? come on

  4. adults let kids play with guns a lot more than any one cares to bring attention to. remember a little while ago that kid who shot himself in the face because his dad let him play with an uzi? This kid wasn’t even playing with a real gun (you can tell by the orange tip on it) and somehow he’s worse than the kid who fired what I can only assume is an illegal weapon under any circumstances (I’m not big gun person) just because his dad is a juggalo? what do you have against juggalos? what really happened that sent you off your rocker so much? I’m not saying I’m a juggalo or anything but I just don’t buy this “oh their a gang they killed people” bull as your main excuse. There has to be something more. I mean christians have been killing people since aparently their time began (hell just read the first testament… God seems like a pretty big douche to me) and you dont go around trying to exterminate them? Just please explain to me what do you really expect to gain from all of this? At some point your going to just fall victim to the exact political and legal system your supposedly trying to protect by all of this. I don’t know I mean I’ve seen some of the stuff you’ve posted I just want to hear it from the devil’s mouth (lack of a better word sorry). I’d really appreciate a response to this because this shit just doesn’t make sense to me. It sounds like a conspiracy theory for the record books if you ask me. Well, response or not, thanks for your time. I hope peace finds your homes safe juggalo or not.

  5. juggalos are not part of a cult to people that think that their music talks about family and things that some people think about like murder i mean come on who hasnt thought about it you people dont know anything about any of us just cuz im a juggalette means im a loser im in college bitch actually im doing research on why you stupid a-holes think we are a cult you know nothing about us

  6. and if u wanna end us i dare u try cuz motherfucker WE DONT DIE!! WHOOP WHOOP BITCH

  7. vertually insane killuh

    okay first of all thats what we all do. thats a real lil juggalo gangsta. if thats what he is then so be hes fam jus like all the rest of the lettes and los

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