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arizona shooting / tuscon shooting – shooter is “not” a Juggalo!


Jared Loughner the vile criminal of the arizona shooting / tuscon shooting is now being denied by juggalos on-line
check out the truth with his myspace right here , where jared loughner talks about the music of the insane clown posse , days before his hideous crimes.

Juggalo admits all juggalos are in a gang

Juggalo’s are a gang and in some case’s are a threat and are criminals. Now I listen to ICP and all that but I ain’t gang affiliated so no I don’t run around acting stupid and doing stupid stuff. It is just music. Once you go beyond it being just music and start being down and kickin it, Then you are considered a gang. It’s not a family, a family is people close to you such as parents and such. It’s a gang anyway you look at it and it should be regulated in all ways. Now back in the day when they first came along yea it was cool because it was considered support for the artist but people have taken it to a whole new level and is now out of control with the way people are acting and taken things. I am not trying to bash anyone inpeticular but it needs to be dialed back a notch back to where is was fun and not criminal. I know someone is going to call me names and what ever else and that is fine with me. Juggalo’s went from being real to emo/crip wannabe’s with no transition in the middle. As far as I am concerned yes they should be looked at as a gang now and should be looked at by law enforcement to hold the piece, someone has to. And in closing I am listening to “I could” by ICP as I write this.

so there you have it , all juggalos are gang members – straight from a ex gang member