arizona shooting / tuscon shooting – shooter is “not” a Juggalo!

Jared Loughner the vile criminal of the arizona shooting / tuscon shooting is now being denied by juggalos on-line
check out the truth with his myspace right here , where jared loughner talks about the music of the insane clown posse , days before his hideous crimes.

4 responses to “arizona shooting / tuscon shooting – shooter is “not” a Juggalo!

  1. Ok i’m having mixed feelings about this guy here with his artical… but before i figure out if he’s cool or a peice of shit i THANK YOUU for posting that man! From the crap i hear on this site it warms my heart you as yourself would take your time out of your day to watch and research this claim that JH has put out there. THANK YOU NINJA!


  2. That guy is a fucking idiot. There’s obviously some evidence on the page if he actually bothered looking. The intelligence level of “juggalos” is staggering it’s so low.

  3. other than YOUTUBE MYSPACE FACEBOOK sites?? naah i cant beleive that man HAS to be something that you CAN’T create like a free website thing like this website man somethin legit!

    its on the news , he was a juggalo , admit it and move on
    instead you lie and defend criminals

  4. I’m not defending that Fucker!! I have NOT seen anything of the sorts that this guy is a juggalo on ANY legit site or News program get me the fucking evidence that I’m wrong other than myspace, youtube or any other sites that anyone can create a web page on Then we’ll talk man….

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