Juggalo admits all juggalos are in a gang

Juggalo’s are a gang and in some case’s are a threat and are criminals. Now I listen to ICP and all that but I ain’t gang affiliated so no I don’t run around acting stupid and doing stupid stuff. It is just music. Once you go beyond it being just music and start being down and kickin it, Then you are considered a gang. It’s not a family, a family is people close to you such as parents and such. It’s a gang anyway you look at it and it should be regulated in all ways. Now back in the day when they first came along yea it was cool because it was considered support for the artist but people have taken it to a whole new level and is now out of control with the way people are acting and taken things. I am not trying to bash anyone inpeticular but it needs to be dialed back a notch back to where is was fun and not criminal. I know someone is going to call me names and what ever else and that is fine with me. Juggalo’s went from being real to emo/crip wannabe’s with no transition in the middle. As far as I am concerned yes they should be looked at as a gang now and should be looked at by law enforcement to hold the piece, someone has to. And in closing I am listening to “I could” by ICP as I write this.

so there you have it , all juggalos are gang members – straight from a ex gang member

7 responses to “Juggalo admits all juggalos are in a gang

  1. This aint no Juggalo. This is a lame attempt to cause dusruption. Fuck this sap! Talkin about my family like this!!! Show your face you coward!

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  3. FUCK YOU!!! How in the fuck can you call us a gang? What, just because there are some Juggalos that take the music seriously, go out and kill people, and say the music told them to? That’s fucking bullshit! If you consider that a gang, then you should be considering EVERYONE part of a gang. As humans in general, there are Humans that go out, kill people, and blame it on something other than themselves. But, if you look past the fucking bullshit you’ll see that 95% of the Juggalos/Juggalettes aren’t like that. But of course, the whole goddamn world has to look at us as the bad guys. If the media didn’t fucking automatically blame all the Juggalos/Juggalettes for it and simply blamed the person who committed the crimes, then EVERYONE would have a different opinion of us. We’re a fucking FAMILY, NOT a GANG! FUCK THE MEDIA!!! FUCK THE LABELS!!! AND FUCK YOU!!! FAKE ASS JUGGAHOE!!!

  4. OMFG DUDE SHUT THE FUCK UP!! you obviously arent a real fucking juggalo otherwise u would know the true meaning. and a family doesnt mean u have to have parents you stupid fuck, not all juggalos are bad or in a gang. Granted there are some who do get into gangs n thats there shit, dont be blaming there stupidity on the rest of us. Otherwise your just a stupid close minded cunt like all the other pricks in da world. We are a family not a gang and always will be and if you wanna talk shit how bout you say it to our fuckin faces n not hide behind your god damn computer you pussy bitch!!

  5. Well. For one, juggalos and juggalettes are not gang members. Two you are a jugga-Ho. The dark carnival isn’t just some plot for a story. It has a deeper meaning that real rejects of society today understand. You probably don’t know what it feels like to be alone. You were the type of person that had hundreds of friends. Not us. We had ourselves and a empty mind. Then I.C.P. came along. Then the come about of the dark carnival. If juggalos and juggalettes are gang bangers because we organize and have Fuckin fun. Everybody gets into fights, fucks shit up, and prefers to be around people like them. THAT IS HOW LIFE IS. LOOK AT EVERYONE. CHURCH PEOPLE STAY WITH CHURCH PEOPLE. RICH PEOPLE STAY WITH RICH PEOPLE. GET OVER IT.

  6. Man fuck you we’re a family i look for my hatchet brothers and sisters you can go and fuck yourself!! you’re just a lonely bitch boy who’s looking for someone to pick on so fuck off and don’t say ahit you don’t knoe about, bitch boy.

  7. Brain washed sheep are brain washed sheep I guess lol.

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