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Arizona news “Jared loughner listens to Insane clown posse”

More evidence for the juggalos denying this vile crime was commited by a juggalo
“Jared Loughners myspace discusses icp and the insane clown posse
he talks about a obscure song called the dating game , which probably leads to Jared Loughner being a juggalo – and to what level that played in his horrid crime”

Further evidence arizona shooter jared loughner was a juggalo and listened to Insane clown posse

More proof jared loughner Arizona shooter was a juggalo and that it might of played a part in his vile attack – he liked icp , like rap and metal and was obsessed with hatchets , listen to more evidence from this juggalette.
Major traits of a juggalo fan of the insane clown posse.