Arizona news “Jared loughner listens to Insane clown posse”
More evidence for the juggalos denying this vile crime was commited by a juggalo
“Jared Loughners myspace discusses icp and the insane clown posse
he talks about a obscure song called the dating game , which probably leads to Jared Loughner being a juggalo – and to what level that played in his horrid crime”

One response to “Arizona news “Jared loughner listens to Insane clown posse”

  1. yea and he probably played video games too, and maybe listened to gangster rap too, maybe we should just hate every one who does those things to cause they might possibly go crazy. your just trying to make an excuse for your own hate. how do we know that members of your juggalo “HOLOCUAST” arent themselves crazy and obsessed with killin juggalos. cause you do sound pretty extreme with some of your youtube video posts and your sites. maybe you are the one with the real problem. talk about makin nonsensible post, your the king of that. all to fuel your little hate group, or GANG. and if people cant take the music for what it is, just music, then they obvoiusly had problems between tellin the diffrence bettween whats real and what entertainment. so instead of blaming this on a mental illness, your gonna blame it on a band just cause u don’t like them, real fuckin cool of you

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