2 dope – shaggs the clown + proof of juggalo violence and jail times


wow so their new album has a unoriginal title – 2 dope shaggs the clown but juggalo idiots will buy it and they brag about jail time and violence.
what role models…..

10 responses to “2 dope – shaggs the clown + proof of juggalo violence and jail times

  1. Do you really think stereotyping and using violence, propoganda and hiding behind jesus is an excuse to tell others how to live THEIR life. JH COMMANDER…do you have parent issues, were you molested as a young child. you’d really sacrifice your life for some music i like ICP, i like eminem, i like slipknot, i like system of a down, total chaos, bad religion, tech n9ne(6’s and 7’s nigga) the list goes on. i like MUSIC(except country, to each his own though which is the point im trying to make)…its music…all said and done..its just FUCKIN music.anyone can interpret it as they wish, thats why we’re free to express ourselves as described in the US constitution. yes some people get over the top about it and become cult like. others know its just music. quit passing the blame on everything else in the world because you’re to ignorant to realize jh commander. look at your self. really think out side the box for a second, in the third person if you will.here you are. an adult who should be busy worrying about your own life, make sure your family is safe and your workin to pay the bills. instead you devote more time to this frivolous cause of a fuckin…emo pussy music war. just everyone shut the fuck up, and mind your own business. AND LIVE YOUR OWN LIFE. IF YOUR PATHS CROSS WITH SOMEONE YOU DISLIKE,WALK AWAY THE WORLDS A PRETTY BIG FUCKIN PLACE!! dont like the music playin? change the station/cd/mp3 w/e. people like you invasive fucks are the reason)
    1.90% of the world hates the US
    2. unfortunately the number of people with your sluggish,abstract,hypocritical cognitive function are why racism, felonious laws(PATIROT ACT=FAIL corporations are classified as living entities WTF!?) and beurocratic bullshit ass backwards society we have exists. until you all grow up and learn that theres billions of different people with different lifestyles, and we gotta share this fuckin rock in an endless space with all of em…deal with it, thas life.
    also I’ve noticed how open you r-tards are about your information its posted all over the net. stupid mistake. I AM A JUGGALO! who as an american as well, has a right to express myself. and like you i also have the right to spy and collect info thanks to the patriot act. YOU HYPOCRITICAL FUCK ARE JUST AS SICK IN THE HEAD AS THOSE YOU CLAIM TO HATE=FACT!!!! agree with me or not, flame hate, disagree rebuttal, doesn’t matter. facts are facts. oh and lastly. i love linux, it may seem off topic but its not. linux can many things……wow all this info…knowing your over confidence you botards have all your plans and info on some electronic device that connects to the internet(thas a nono!!). a few JH member hard drives.hmm could be leaked on the internet and used against you to put all your members in jail for conspiring genocide and probly a shit load of other charges. if people with the intelligence and capability hear one more fuckin stupid news report about one of you JH Fucks wasting more lives that have nothing to do with this situation because you cant straighten out your own fuckin life. one could for educational purposes(hehe legal loopholes…sigh…system so flawed, but I digress) hack into JH and build evidence to put you all away for a long time. of course one might say the other one could be talkin shit but ….do they really wanna take the risk?
    so kids to re-cap MIND YOUR FUCKIN OWN BUSINESS, live YOUR life. quit being petty and childish. and may i suggest you guys seek counseling, you really fuckin need it. this whole JH thing is a cry for fuckin help on your end JH COMMANDER, DONT brainwash juggalos AND your OWN people into killing eachother for your amusement(all you stupid JH tards know hes manipulating you guys too, if not then you also need help and should seek to be your own person and not be a mindless sheep. all of you. just be you dont pretend to be someone else to hurt what you are pretending to be…see how stupid that last sentence sounded? because thats what this whole issue is…STUPID. fellow fam, similar to what the one down ass ninjette said. just ignore the whiny,blame-the-world-for-my-sadness, snot nosed, attention-whoring, spoiled,overly zealous brats and they’ll go away. regardless of any outside stimuli no matter how varied, happy, dark w/e. stupid people do stupid things like murder. A FACT of LIFE. whew what a wall o’ text. MCL. KEEP ON TOKIN,KEEP ON HACKIN. /VERBAL FACEPALM

  2. Ha! Whatever man! alot of rap artists have been to jail who CARES?! At least they can fucking hit the beat unlike some of your other SHIT that JH provides to it’s hating community

  3. how come you cowards haven’t responded yet. what happened to your upbeat bullshit campaign.

  4. i’ll just copy paste the same verbal pwnage everywhere. so don’t slack JH. or you’ll be like sony with the ps3 hack. too little too late.


  5. Yo that’s mad sweet that J did that shit though its mad wack for that owner to do that shit. fight on J.
    Whoop! Whoop!

  6. Do you guy really have no life?

  7. well enjoy. my comp then. just mostly games and whatnot. not anything i cant deal with losing. i don’t really care because i have life outside of e-thugging to tend to. you do know i changed my IP right after posting that. but thanks for spreading the truth for me. saves me time. go a head and try to send those virus exes my way. they wont run on linux anyway. you dont even know which distribution i have(could be red-hat,ubuntu, pandora , debian etc.) plus you really cant kill off being a juggalo anyway. another underground movement would take its place anyway. its just like the war on Terror or on drugs. pointless. theres no law banning what kind of music anyone can listen too. quit finding a scapegoat to blame on the world’s psychopaths. it’s the INDIVIDUAL WHO COMMITED THE CRIMES FAULT NO ONE ELSE’S. I’m sorry all of you at JH are too insecure or lonely. say you guys win and anything underground music wise no longer exists. then what. you’re purpose in life is gone. you never know how loyal you’re members really are anyway maybe some by now have finally used their brain and relize how immature this whole thing is. I have an anti-JH group. and you guys havent “infiltrated” it. you wont either because its just made up of people i’ve known most of my life. just three people. and i doubt myself, a relative, and a friend ive had since high school have/will be involved with. lastly no one has ever cared what the media thinks. make people fear us. they’ll leave us alone then and thats fine with me.i watched a JH vid that had some emo crap song playin while some fat faced blond bimbo was mouthing the words. YEA THAT’LL STOP US. btw can you pass her number my way. I’d really like to hate fuck her. just sayin

  8. Every Night Its The Same Dream

    Im Gutting This Faggot Alive Across The Hollywood Scene

    Why Cause He Wants To Talk Shit About The Departed

    Saying How The Wicked Of Juggalos Is So Retarded

    So I Snapped! Broke His Fucking Neck And Stole His Life

    Butchered His Children Like Fresh Steak And Raped His Wife

    Proceed To Slit Her Throat And Made Her Scream My Name

    The Blood Seemed Like Heaven On My Face

    So I Found 3 More Juggalo Holocaust Members And Put Em’ In Their Fuckin Place

    What A Juggalo Does Is No Dirty Shame

    It’s Just The Art Of Violence, Gotta Love Being Insane

    The Next Victim Was One Day Walking Home

    So I Jumped On His Back And Curbstomped His Fucking Dome

    Once His Head Look Like Something That Would Make Charlie Manson Cry


    I Grabbed My Axe And Planted One In A Piggy Skull

    Another Tried To Shoot But Instead Lost His Balls

    I Kept Laughin Like A Loon And Danced On The Dead

    You Can Surley Tell Im Sick In The Head

    The Next Victim Had A Family And A Nice Big House

    So I Creep In The Back And Im Silent Like A Mouse

    I Killed The Fucking Kids As Silent As I Can

    But The One Shit His Pants On My Axe (Not What I Planned)

    I Saw The Wife She Was Taking A Shower

    So I Came Up Behind Her Ass And Showed Her My Power

    She Screamed Bloody Murder So I Made Sure She Was Dead

    But She A Nice Body So Afterwords She Gave Good Head

    The Husband Came And Tried To Take Mine

    I Came At Him With The Axe And Cut Up His Spine

    When The Cops Showed Up

    They Found ME So I BLEW THE House Up

    When I Got To Hell The Devil Thought He Was Bad

    He Pissed In My Faygo And I Got Mad

    And HE Saw His Worst Fears In My Eyes

    I Laughed My Ass Off As HE Learned The True Meaning Of Terrorize

    Now I Run Shit Me And My Juggalos Set The World On Fire

    Fuck The World And To The Juggalo Holocaust Give In To Desire

    So Roll The Dice An Play Our Wicked GAme

    Will Chop!Kill!Rape!Torture! Why Cause We’re Insane

    Remember Evil For I Am Crow Bombs

    I Told Ya Be4 Im More Wicked Than Jeffery Dhalms

    To All Juggalos We Soilders Of The Undeground

    Together We Are Down With The Clown

  9. 1994, this was from 1994. But you probably weren’t even born yet.


    Consider all jh sites hacked in a matter of weeks… You pussies have no life…

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