The Gathering music fesitval drops the word juggalo part 2

The gathering of the juggalos is now know as The Gathering Music Festival – they dropped the name juggalo due to all the negative associations that word brings including gang violence and attacks of performers such as tila tequila.
soon the word juggalo will be banned – all thanks to our little group and

It’s Not just the banner It’s the Merch !

and The Gathering Promo !!

2 responses to “The Gathering music fesitval drops the word juggalo part 2

  1. Every Night Its The Same Dream

    Im Gutting This Faggot Alive Across The Hollywood Scene

    Why Cause He Wants To Talk Shit About The Departed

    Saying How The Wicked Of Juggalos Is So Retarded

    So I Snapped! Broke His Fucking Neck And Stole His Life

    Butchered His Children Like Fresh Steak And Raped His Wife

    Proceed To Slit Her Throat And Made Her Scream My Name

    The Blood Seemed Like Heaven On My Face

    So I Found 3 More Juggalo Holocaust Members And Put Em’ In Their Fuckin Place

    What A Juggalo Does Is No Dirty Shame

    It’s Just The Art Of Violence, Gotta Love Being Insane

    The Next Victim Was One Day Walking Home

    So I Jumped On His Back And Curbstomped His Fucking Dome

    Once His Head Look Like Something That Would Make Charlie Manson Cry


    I Grabbed My Axe And Planted One In A Piggy Skull

    Another Tried To Shoot But Instead Lost His Balls

    I Kept Laughin Like A Loon And Danced On The Dead

    You Can Surley Tell Im Sick In The Head

    The Next Victim Had A Family And A Nice Big House

    So I Creep In The Back And Im Silent Like A Mouse

    I Killed The Fucking Kids As Silent As I Can

    But The One Shit His Pants On My Axe (Not What I Planned)

    I Saw The Wife She Was Taking A Shower

    So I Came Up Behind Her Ass And Showed Her My Power

    She Screamed Bloody Murder So I Made Sure She Was Dead

    But She A Nice Body So Afterwords She Gave Good Head

    The Husband Came And Tried To Take Mine

    I Came At Him With The Axe And Cut Up His Spine

    When The Cops Showed Up

    They Found ME So I BLEW THE House Up

    When I Got To Hell The Devil Thought He Was Bad

    He Pissed In My Faygo And I Got Mad

    And HE Saw His Worst Fears In My Eyes

    I Laughed My Ass Off As HE Learned The True Meaning Of Terrorize

    Now I Run Shit Me And My Juggalos Set The World On Fire

    Fuck The World And To The Juggalo Holocaust Give In To Desire

    So Roll The Dice An Play Our Wicked GAme

    Will Chop!Kill!Rape!Torture! Why Cause We’re Insane

    Remember Evil For I Am Crow Bombs

    I Told Ya Be4 Im More Wicked Than Jeffery Dhalms

    To All Juggalos We Soilders Of The Undeground

    Together We Are Down With The Clown

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  2. Juggalo holocaust-holocaust

    im going to the gathering of THE JUGGALOS 2011 wearing a “Fuck Juggalo holocaust” actually i’ll make a bunch and give em out. oh and my new group JH-H, juggalo holocaust holocaust. has already infiltrated JH. ive been a mamber at LOTB and of JH for yrs. I’m “bidin” my time and waiting for the chance to betray this sad bunch of no-life nazi wanabe zeros who call themselves JH. the leader of it is a former juggalo whose just butt-heurt and wants attention=fact. “oh noes!1!1111 wur jh and we got spyse un inphiltaitors, were the only ones who no how to spy on people duh derp no juggalo would ever spy on us….duaar derp derp” thats you JH…thats what U, sound like. hope that master plan your workin on goes through. you know unles of cousre you have a mole. which would never happen. end sarcasm

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