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Gathering music festival – no longer gathering of the juggalos

Gathering music festival – no longer gathering of the juggalos.The gathering of the juggalos is now know as The Gathering Music Festival — they dropped the name juggalo due to all the negative associations that word brings including gang violence and attacks of performers such as tila tequila.It’s Not just the banner



Juggalo mad at gathering music festival name change

What up y’all? I just made this video after watching several videos on the topic of The Gathering no longer being “The Gathering of Juggalos,” but “The Gathering Music Festival.” I don’t know why this struck such a nerve with me…well I do because I love my Juggalo family. Please fam, I encourage y’all to watch and comment on this vid because I would like your opinions. MMFWCL Whoop Whoop!

This video is proof icp are mad with their own fam and dropping the name juggalo .