Juggalo mad at gathering music festival name change

What up y’all? I just made this video after watching several videos on the topic of The Gathering no longer being “The Gathering of Juggalos,” but “The Gathering Music Festival.” I don’t know why this struck such a nerve with me…well I do because I love my Juggalo family. Please fam, I encourage y’all to watch and comment on this vid because I would like your opinions. MMFWCL Whoop Whoop!

This video is proof icp are mad with their own fam and dropping the name juggalo .



4 responses to “Juggalo mad at gathering music festival name change

  1. sup thanx for informing this n yes imma be a juggalo till the day i die

  2. HAHAHA To think were bothered by the name change is pathetic on the JH part. Reading the posts yall put up makes me laugh cause it shows how much we get under yalls skin. LOL And the Funniest part is…WE DON’T EVEN HAVE TO TRY. Juggalo Holocaust has no reason and no concepts to the reasons they hate us. We break laws. We feel a ceartin way about each other. We actually give a shit. Who the fuck doesn’t? Juggalos aren’t the only ones breaking laws. From what it says on the wall post page before this it looks like yall do too. 17 Juggalos dead huh? Last time I checked MURDER is illegal. Law-abiding citizens for sure. Judging us for our lifestyle is none of yalls buisness. Honestly the ony reason JH exists is so yall have someone to Bxtch at for your own lives. You don’t like the music? DON’T LISTEN TO IT. You don’t like us? THEN STAY AWAY. You could ignore us but no. You have to have Bxtch. What we do is none of the JH’s concern.

  3. Juggalo holocaust-holocaust

    doesn’t bother me. im going to the gathering of THE JUGGALOS 2011 wearing a “Fuck Juggalo holocaust” actually i’ll make a bunch and give em out. oh and my new group JH-H, juggalo holocaust holocaust. has already infiltrated JH. ive been a mamber at LOTB and of JH for yrs. I’m “bidin” my time and waiting for the chance to betray this sad bunch of no-life nazi wanabe zeros who call themselves JH. the leader of it is a former juggalo whose just butt-heurt and wants attention=fact. “oh noes!1!1111 wur jh and we got spyse un inphiltaitors, were the only ones who no how to spy on people duh derp no juggalo would ever spy on us….duaar derp derp” thats you JH…thats what U, sound like. hope that master plan your workin on goes through. you know unles of cousre you have a mole. which would never happen. end sarcasm

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