Butthurt Juggalos get Juggalo name changed back

Juggalos are so butthurt about the namechange they cried and cried for weeks

now icp changes the name back – excluding all public from their festival and just catering to juggalos – be alert all mainstream or percived mainstream acts like tech n9ne juggalos now have the taste of blood and tilas and method mans  attacks are still in the air.

7 responses to “Butthurt Juggalos get Juggalo name changed back

  1. Juggalo holocaust-holocaust

    dude your retarded tech n9ne loves juggalos. he knows juggalos are a huge part of his fan base. tech n9ne and kali actually use the word juggalo in ther songs more often than ICP lately. you JH rejects are sad and misinformed, bump kaliko genius track 13″from JUGGALOS TO JUGGALETTES, YES!!”
    the word juggalo is in th everready album. hed pe also juggalos. “MAINSTREAM” actor harland williams=juggalo. charlie murphy= juggalo.
    slipknot and ICP have been in talks of collabing, j’s lyrics about stabbin em cuz they all wear masks was actually a shout out to them, and in no way was meant to “hate” on slipknot. slipknot liked it, maybe their juggalos (im a juggalo and slipknot’s the shit). you whiners can even think you won when ya do get the word juggalo banned but you idiots cease to realize that killin a name means nothin. the sprit will live on.

  2. Juggalo holocaust-holocaust

    im going to the gathering of THE JUGGALOS 2011 wearing a “Fuck Juggalo holocaust” actually i’ll make a bunch and give em out. oh and my new group JH-H, juggalo holocaust holocaust. has already infiltrated JH. ive been a mamber at LOTB and of JH for yrs. I’m “bidin” my time and waiting for the chance to betray this sad bunch of no-life nazi wanabe zeros who call themselves JH. the leader of it is a former juggalo whose just butt-heurt and wants attention=fact. “oh noes!1!1111 wur jh and we got spyse un inphiltaitors, were the only ones who no how to spy on people duh derp no juggalo would ever spy on us….duaar derp derp” thats you JH…thats what U, sound like. hope that master plan your workin on goes through. you know unles of cousre you have a mole. which would never happen. end sarcasm

  3. getcha FUCK JUGGALO HOLOCAUST MERCH OVA HEAR, FREE FUCK JUGGALO HOLOCAUST MERCH OVER KNEAA! I also be at the gathering given em out. JH has a mole(who is it who is it who is it?)
    JH sucks
    JH is why the earthquakes in haiti happened lol
    JH leader=TILA TEQUILA=buttsecks

  4. You claim you are decent, law-abiding citizens. You claim that you hate juggalo’s for their hypocrisy, and that they break the law. You’ve attacked and murdered them, claim at least twenty killed. Made a group for Juggalo Holocaust.
    This shows you break the law, and are therefore yourself, a hypocrite, for breaking the law, and indecent for attempting to create a modern holocaust.
    You also say things about what juggalo’s are when those aren’t what they are to be.
    Your argument for there are more juggalos than haters, is that only 50,000 copies were bought. When someone doesn’t buy a copy, that does not make them someone who hates them. You also seem to think all juggalos bought the albums, but there are many who have never bought a single one. You state that when juggalo’s, fake and real, get into a feud, that none have unity.
    If you call songs like Juggalo Island and Miracles negative impact, you may be truly insane. What you are doing here, is inhumane murder of fans, voicing opinions.
    Your description for this page has no evidence itself, and I don’t see the link to your evidence there.

    You somehow think you got ICP and Twiztid’s profile taken down for your own belief, when it could really be them protecting the unknowing fans from being traced. You must have been through a lot as a child, or you currently are one. But either way, your outlook is immoral, inhumane, and forced upon others.
    ICP is about coming together and not judging by race, or weight, or looks, but reaching out in a way that attracts the hateful and crazed to get their attention. I personally am fond of their music because I like the insanity, I would never do something like what you say and I’ve never heard anything of it. I find some of ICP’s work to be funny. And apparently, that is their aim on some works.
    This is a pathetic, cruel injustice.
    HAHAHAHA got this from facebook but its true. oh and just incase ya missed it. free ANITI JH MERCH OVER HERE. also i made “fuck JH” pro pic for all los and lettes to use on their page. look around FB long enough and you’ll find it. giovanni sartori lol… beating people down, trying to kidnap people now. OH YEA U GUYS R TOTALLY BETTER THAN US JUGGALOS / SARCASM. Pussies man…you’re all just pussies. “well i was huntin dem juggalos wit ma paintballgun what fun i had hyuck hycuk HER DERP DER DERP DERP”-JH fag on facebook=PUSSIES. approve my comments you fuckin pussies. “i buttsecks am the new juggalo leader”-HAHAHAHAHA what! WHAT!!! a leader is one who tells others what to do, you cant stop me from being a juggalo so you arent leadin shit, the only thing your leading is a tubesteak into your foodhole cuz you’re a fag. scared of words? apparently you are cuz ya took some other shit down that was here the other day and everything ive typed gets no approval…..PUSSIES. “uh em well i gave your email(which is fake) and ip to our members at LOTB soon as i got done with the felatio of JH COMMANDER’s(commander lol what a nutjob) i passed em your info rabble rabble rabble”. cmon if your gona track me down and do somethin at least let me get my point across on here. if you really did get all my info, email me with it. you already know it all so email me, not at the fake one i used cuz it doesnt exist, find my email without me tellin you and email me proof you have all my info(oH NOES!!!1!11) I’m waiting………….

  5. Ryan Carnabuci Where do u reside huh? Idek ur name. U too afraid cuz ill actually find u

    Land of the Banned: Ryan Carnabuci
    3060 Hetzel Dr
    Parma, OH 44134
    (440) 345-5646
    further proof that JH plays god behind a computer. notice how the pussy didnt do ryan a solid and give him his address. why? JH=scared. prove your not pussies by posting all your member info and addresses. you wont cuz your pussies but humor us juggalos and give out your info if u really wanna stand up against us……………….sigh……waiting on input from the pussy gallery


  7. *THIER

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