Another Juggalo brainwashes children

its not cute , its not funny , its pathetic and wrong to brainwash children to sing rude icp songs . Bad juggalo parents strike back.

2 responses to “Another Juggalo brainwashes children

  1. “It will be the people of the US who will take there own freedom away”… and people like you make me sick. We as people of the united states have a right to like and support anything we want. I hate people like u! Fuckin Liberal. ICP ROCKS

  2. Really? Well what about brain washing organized catholics and christians?
    I personally spent my teenage years in catholich school.
    It’s a bunch of idol worshipping hypocrites in a mass hysteria over a twothousand year old storyboo that was revised a got hundred documented times that yells is to beat women and homosecuals even if the direct trandlation is pedophile not homosexual.
    Don’t even get me started on our shit for brains goverment.
    Yet even with this bullshit stareing you square in the face every damn day you choose to pick on Juggalos?
    For the love of all exsistance grow up.
    There are bigger battles to be fought than picking on a bunch of groupies.
    With Sincerity, Lisa.

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