“Juggalo” Teens Suspected in More Arson Fires

This is a few years old but im adding it to show more crimes committed by followers of juggaloism  – also what other fan base commits this much crimes , i mean you dont see wutang clan fans who outnumber juggalos commiting massive crimes in wutang gear …..

Four teenagers suspected of setting a string of fires in Sacramento County that caused more than $1 million in damage now face additional charges after investigators learned the group was allegedly connected to other blazes across the region.

“When we were all finished with our interviews, we had over 20 fires,” said Larry Stanton, arson investigator for the Sacramento Metro Fire Department.

David Hollomon, 19, of Antelope remains behind bars at the Sacramento County Main Jail on a long list of arson charges. Hollomon was arrested in December for allegedly taking part in a series of arsons. Three other unidentified teenagers have also been arrested.

Stanton said investigators now believe the arsons began September 10 when several grass fires were reported. On October 10, two fires were set at a building under construction near Franklin Boulevard and Laguna Park Drive in Elk Grove. Six additional small grass fires were also set close by.

On October 28, November 17 and again on December 1, fires broke out an abandoned hotel on Bradshaw Road in Rancho Cordova. A Sacramento Metro firefighter suffered minor injuries while working one of the incidents.

On November 26, a three-alarm fire was set in the 800 block of K street in downtown Sacramento. Flames destroyed one building and damaged others.

Stanton interviewed all the suspects and told News10 that the teens are suspected of using accelerants, such as paint thinner and acetone to spark some of the fires.

Stanton said investigators believe the teens were drunk or under the influence of drugs uring their arson rampage. Investigators believe the suspects even called emergency dispatchers to report the fires and provided false information in some of the cases.

“It’s what they considered fun,” Stanton said.
Investigators believe the teens lived in an abandoned hotel in Rancho Cordova, under the bridge on Interstate 80, near Watt Avenue and slept by the river and in tunnels in downtown Sacramento.

“They were using the light rail system back and forth,” said Stanton. “What I understand is that a lot of them hang out on K Street, the circle area and many of them are runaways and transients.”

A law enforcement source told News10 that Hollomon and the other suspects claim to be “juggalos,” a term used to describe fans of rap group Insane Clown Posse and other artists from Psychopathic Records. Some juggalos can be identified by tattoos, including one of a character running with a hatchet, clown makeup and distinctive clothes. There is also ICP graffiti and hand signs.

Arson investigators are working with members of the Sacramento County gang unit to validate Hollomon and the other suspects as gang members under California’s penal code.

There is three or more (juggalos), a common sign or symbol and they are committing gang-related offenses, so essentially … they have met the criteria for a gang,” said a Sacramento undercover detective. “They have not officially been classified a gang, not yet. It’s just a matter of time.” (as of now they are a gang in california)

Many juggalos claim to be non-violent. However, self-proclaimed members of the group have been linked to cases of robbery, murder and arson in several states.

“Juggalos” Speak Out After Arson Arrests

“Juggalos” are speaking out after the arrests of four Sacramento County teenagers in connection to a series of arsons.

“Juggalos” are fans of the controversial rap group, Insane Clown Posse (ICP) and other artists on the Psychopathic Records Label.

“It gives young people a lot of sense of belonging that you know, we’re all outcasts or rejected from society and it just gives us a sense of family, a sense of belonging,” said Danielle McLeod.

The 21-year-old has been an ICP fan for more than five years and claims the group is not violent.

But so-called “juggalos” have been arrested for committing crimes in at least four states including California.

In Sacramento County, four teenagers were arrested for allegedly setting more than 20 fires in the region. The suspects told investigators they were juggalos.

“It made me really upset that these young people were doing these horrible things, lighting all these fires and using it almost as an excuse,” said McLeod. “We listen to this music and the music told us to do it.”

Juggalos are not classified as a typical street gang, but some law enforcement agencies believe the group could be validated as gang members because they fit the criteria under California’s Penal Code. They can be identified by tattoos, such as the hatchet man, clothes, and make-up. There is also ICP graffiti and hand signs. The suspects in the Sacramento case face gang enhancements charges.

“We’re not gang. It’s not that at all.” said McLeod.

McLeod and other Sacramento juggalos fear their passion for ICP could be labeled as gang activity.

“Mostly that we will be looked down upon and you know that maybe we’ll be walking down the street and because we have a hatchet man on, a cop is gonna come by and try to harass us and I really would hate to see that happen,” said McLeod.


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