HATCHET ATTACKS Insane Clown Posse, Twiztid, Blaze Ya Dead Homie, Anybody Killa, Boondox, DJ Clay, Axe Murder Boys, The Dayton Family, Juggalo Championship Wrestling
Saturday, March 26, 2011 at 5pm

what a stupid name for a concert

5 responses to “HATCHET ATTACKS at the Rave

  1. land of the banned wat a stupid name for a website…poinless statement your opinion means nothin to us just like ours means nothin to you grow up

  2. if you guys were going to do the holocaust you would have already quit blowing smoke up our ass and do something already you guys are no different then Hitlers dumb ass just looking to kill some people because thier different and dont share the same views as you. i got an idea how bout come to the rave and do something instead of sitting on your computers and do something about what you guys dislike, i mean if i was so skin head ass hole i would do something about what i hate like protest or some shit. i wouldnt just sit on the computer and talk shit to a bunch of people like a bitch, you see i dont hate you guys because you dont like icp or anything like that, i like the fact that you guys hate us it makes me feel good. thanks for your time and fuck off

  3. Juggalo Holocaust? I’m assuming that Hitler was your inspiration, your “leader.”Follow your leader and blow your fucking brains out or the wicked clowns will do it for you! WHOOP WHOOP.

  4. yo this is fukin retarded wut u gonna do cunt nuggets spam us to get it to stop fukin nerd u eat ur mommas nedan doncha ftfo ur cumputer is ur life so stay tha fuk out of ours mmfwch bitch

  5. Dustin McArthur AKA Juggalo D

    Look here, half the shit they put up here is bullshit… Juggalo gang? Its a family… Not a gang…. Im not even gettin in to that bullshit except ill say… if were gangsters so are all organized religions, so are all hospital staff…. so are all police local and federal… lmfao if you wanna protest something, how about protesting how your gun rights are being restricted against your 1st Amd rights? Or maybe protest how Jap citizens were taken unconstitutionally during ww2??? How about protesting the “too big to fail” bullshit where the govn spent YOUR TAX $$$$$$ Bailing out big business so they wouldnt go bankrupt because for some reason thats not fair for the millionaire branch of citizenship to have to lose a lil money lmfao EVERYONE KNOWS THATS WHAT THE WORKING CLASS BRANCH OF CITIZENSHIP is for… serioulsy you guys are fucking morons, if you are going to protest something…. make sure first off that you have the right to do so (me listening to ICP and painting my face is part of the FREE SPEECH AMEND, and you telling me not to practice it… is unconstitutionally practicing your 1st AMEND) and secondly make sure that there is a reasonable way to make what you see fit to happen… well… happen…

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