Juggalo Claims ” At Least 2 % of Juggalos commit murder”

listen to what this juggalo claims at around 1 minute in- 2% of juggalos commit murder

if theres 1 million juggalos world wide that would make minimum of 20,000 juggalos who commit murders world wide.

Also juggalos are not a race so in no way are any juggalo haters racist..

2 responses to “Juggalo Claims ” At Least 2 % of Juggalos commit murder”

  1. man fuck you we juggalos we are a race and if you hatin then fuck you we aint killers but we love to throw the ax around


  2. lmao john is correct, WE ARE A RACE!!!! you jh assholes are killing and raping women? welcome to the Echo Side bitches! come around me, and ill kill you just for that shit, and the juggalo in the video is right, but wrong. 2% of juggalos commit serious crimes, about .01% actually kill, and thats cuz theyre in a gang or something. juggalos themselves are not a gang, but some have made gangs because of all you haters. you assholes created our gangs because you cant just let us be ourselves! you touch my kids or my wife, and ill blow your fucking heads off with a shotgun before you can get out of my house! dont think you can, cuz you wont. you will die if you try, and i hope you die in the most horrible and painful way to die.

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