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Juggalo Cult – Listen to this – demons attacking icp fans

the Crazy juggalo cult has struck again

tshirts = criminal fine – juggalo gang member

Round of applause for the teacher taking a stand
ban the juggalo gang.


Yeah that’s the only thing that gets me at the Gathering, is the little punks that throw shit! Seriously what is the point!? But I wouldn’t let that ruin my time it’s just a small annoyance. Even though I was pretty close the stage in 09 when PROZAK came on some dude from behind threw a glass bottle and it busted on a dudes head who was standing next to me, I got a bunch of little shards all down my neck and back, it sucked! but he had a big gash in his heaD.

Axe Murder Boyz – Why AMB quit psychopathic records

Juggalos already turning on their own members of psychopathic records
Juggalos have 0 loyalty and its no wonder amb have left psy and if they havent they need to .
more discussion and the truth at

Blaze Gives the Hitler salute and sings O’ Canada in Toronto

Blaze Gives the Hitler salute and sings O’ Canada in Toronto

Axe Murder Boys – Amb Drop the hatchet – Planet lotb tattoo ???

The axe murder boys have left psychopathic records after a lot of fighting with them and other artists. Their images and radio are gone , what is weird is why there is no information about this and psychopathic records have not issued a statment .

From what we know the axe murder boys have been having beef and drama over a planet lotb tattoo they received which caused violent j and shaggy 2 dope to get very mad and now fire them.

amb leave psycopathoc records


Planet lotb and Jh causes another causlity and another member to leave psychopathic records.

Juggalos only defense to the Tila attack is “she was warned”

Words of wisdom from the comments

Juggalos only defense to the Tila attack is “she was warned”. By this, you are saying attacking someone for absolutely no reason is perfectly acceptable as long as you warn them first. And her showing up despite the warnings is probable cause to do whatever necessary to run her out. This is really only proving the fact Juggalos are a gang. You are not a Juggalo, or fall under the guidelines of the Juggalo lifestyle, you will be attacked. So Jon, Amber just let you know why we’re “hating”. Because your idea of “enjoying” yourselves, involves among other things, attacking the innocent and stealing from children.

anyone who sees the “Hatchet Man,” an ICP symbol, should report it to police

Threat of MS-13 Gang in Franconia Area, Police Say

Fairfax County Police Department Gang Unit detectives speaking to Franconia’s Citizen Advisory Committee meeting last week brought bad news and good news. The bad: The Franconia area is threatened by Salvadoran gang MS-13, a group so notorious one detective called it a terrorist threat. The good: Gang activity in area high schools is at a new low.

The two detectives who spoke at the CAC meeting at the Franconia Government Center asked not to be photographed or named in this story for their own safety.

The detectives estimated there are more than 100 gangs in Fairfax County, and between 2,000 and 3,000 gang members. The Franconia District, which includes Kingstowne, Rose Hill and parts of Annandale and Lorton, has 13 gangs, according to a list the detectives showed.

While gang members in the area are rarely obvious, they can be spotted by a keen observer, one detective said.

“You will see them flagging out there,” the detective said, referring to gang members flashing handsigns or wearing gang colors.

Gang activity in local high schools is lower than it was a few years ago, according to one detective, although the gang list did include a group specific to Hayfield High School—the Latin Homies. One detective talked about the investigation of the Tiny Rascal Gang at Edison High School in 2010.

“We took care of those kids real quick,” he said.

Even Lee High School, which experienced a spate of gang graffiti after a 2007 murder at Springfield Mall tied to MS-13, has quieted down, detectives said.

Still, the detectives said the Franconia Police District continues to be threatened by gangs. MS-13 is the ”biggest threat right now” in the area, according to one detective. The gang is also active in the McLan and Mason districts.


Another detective said some crime in Franconia may be perpetrated by another, less traditional gang: people who listen to the rap group Insane Clown Posse.

Fans of the group, who call themselves “juggalos” or, for female fans, “juggalettes,” listen to “horrorcore” music, a subgenre of rap that focuses on gruesome topics like murder and rape, a detective said. He said juggalos have been responsible for assaults, robberies, child pornography, and even a murder in Fairfax County. He declined to name the murder case.

The detective cautioned that listening to the Insane Clown Posse, or even being a juggalo, does not mean a person is a criminal.

“Don’t freak out,” he advised people who might know a juggalo, saying listening to the music does not make a person a criminal. The detective described attending an ICP concert in Norfolk, Va., and being treated well by a juggalo who thought he was a fan.

“A lot of people consider them a cult,” he said. According to the detective, Rose Hill’s Gangster Disciples consider themselves juggalos.

The detectives said anyone who sees the “Hatchet Man,” an ICP symbol, should report it to Fairfax County police. The image, the silhouette of a running man carrying a hatchet or cleaver, can sometimes be seen on cars, according to the detective. He asked that people send them the license plate numbers of cars with the Hatchet Man logo.

“I’d just like to talk to [reported juggalos],” the detective said.

The detectives urged anyone with gang-related information to contact the unit at 703-246-2511.

Juggalos destroy rugs in sears

Juggalos go to sears
get rugs
have fights hitting themselves
then upload it to youtube to brag

i hope someone from sears gives these 2 punks a lifetime ban

Juggalo in Fighting – Black LipstickAlos are MAD

all juggalos who dont wear or accept male juggalos wearing lipstick
are bigots and haters and racists