Juggalo Dictionary – Common Terms For Juggalos

Axe: A sharp blade on the end of a wooden handle. Used to chop heads. International symbol if idiocy.

Big Money Hustlas: Insane Clown Posse’s first movie. It sucks.

Bigot: Racist.

Born Twiztid: A fake documentery about Twiztid. It’s short, but showcases the band’s moron fans.

Chedda: Money, cash, bling, cheese.

Cherry Pie: See “Cotton Candy.”

Chicken: Fowl that tastes like frog.

Cotton Candy: See “Cherry Pie.”

Dark Carnival: Stupid concept behind the Clown albums.

Delray: A neighborhood of Detroit, Michigan. Southwest Detroit. Birthplace of human afterbirth.

Echoside: A fate worse than hell – you have to listen to ICP albums for eternity.

Facepaint: The make-up used by ICP, Twiztid and women.

Faygo: A ghetto pop that Insane Clown Posse throws on Juggalos at concerts. And one that horrible girls shower with for certain porno sites.

Feminem: Eminem diss – unfair because Eminem isn’t really a woman.

Floob: This is what Violent J and Jumpsteady called themselves in their younger days. It means “scrub.” Which means “wash.”

Gathering Of The Juggalos: An intelligence vacuum that happens only once a year. Juggalos and Juggalettes can meet, hangout, have a great time with other Juggalos and Juggalettes and see there favorite artists all perform live. Possible homosexual overtones abound, but that is an unconfirmed rumor.

Hallowicked: A 10 year tradition amongst Juggalos, every Halloween ICP puts on a show in Detroit. It scares the hell out of anyone with a brain.

Hatchetman: Psychopathic Records “logo.” Seen on everything Psychopathic Records. And crappy buicks. Holds a meat cleaver but is called a hatchet man by ignoramus fans.

Hoe: Like an axe but duller. Also used to demean women.

Hood Rat: Whore, slut. Unibomber rodent.

Hound Dog: Some one that swings from your nuts, wanting autographs and pictures. A.K.A. Juggalo or Juggalette.

Inner City Posse: Insane Clown Posse’s first group name, also the Detroit street gang they ran with.

JCW: Juggalo Championshit Wrestling. It’s real!

Jokers Cards: Six albums that tell messages of the Dark Carnival. After the cards were dealt, the ICP admitted that they were christian and started licking God’s balls.

Juggahoe/Juffalo: Someone who acts down with the clown but really says, “down with the clown!” Like your mom.

Juggalo: Believer in the Dark Carnival, big fat fan of one of any Psychopathic Records artists. Total fucking idiot who should be put down post-haste.

Juggalette: Female Juggalo. Not immune from the Juggalo disease of idocy.

MCLB3M: Much Clown Love Between 3 Men.

MGFL: Much Gay Family Love.

Moonshine: When your butt shows at somebody out of a car. Huhhuhhuhhuhhuh.

Necromancy: Using the dead for sex.

Neden: See Cotton Candy.

Ninja: Warrior in Japanese culture, assassin, Juggalo, fucking idiot.

Ninjette: Female Ninja. Not real.

Psychopathic Records: Unfortunate record label founded in 1991 by Joe Bruce, Joey Utsler and Alex Abbiss.

Redneck: Hillbilly from Southern United States. Usually racist. Often represented by a Rebel Flag.

Scrub: Outcast, they dont fit in anywhere, broke ass ninja, wash with zeal.

Shangri-La: Heaven, paradise, mythical city in the mountains.

Shank: Prison knife.

Shockumentary: A documentary on ICP and Juggalos that explains everything up to the 4th Joker’s Card and reveals that the band is nothing more than a front for army recruitment.

Skrilla: Money.

Slim Anus: ICP diss name/song for Eminem.

Trees: Weed, green, dank, pot.

Vampiro: Wrestler for the JCW and one of ICP’s homos.

Voodoo: A type of magic typically reffered to as a black ass magic. Ass magic is a Juggalo’s favorite kind.

Wig Split: Crack ya head in half with an axe and then steal your songs and create an army of half-retarded minors who will do anything but get a job in your name.

13 responses to “Juggalo Dictionary – Common Terms For Juggalos

  1. alrite first and fore most do you really know what juggalos are if not dont talk shit straight up real juggalos and juggalettes are not hound dogs were fuckin family bitch second if ur gunna post up defention do it rite because it makes u look stupid in the end not us third dont hate because u cant be one of us or because u fucked with the wrong people so now u want to be a hater thats ur problem dont blame us for it and finaly juggalos are not morons they are actualy realy intelectual people so shut the fuck up and stop hatin

  2. o and by the way cotton candy and cerry pie is neden sumtin u bitches cant get


  3. Meh, you guys are just a bunch of cry-asses wanting attention so you diss juggalos and icp. Seriously grow up, and get the fuck off the internet and stop blogging about the stupidest shit just to get people to respond with hateful comments. It’s immature kids like y’all that give intelligent people bad names, personally I’d like to thank y’all for the hate, just makes the family more famous. Keep it up, btw your “music” if you can call it that that’s dissing juggalos, etc. it’s fucking stupid, seriously these bands would get their asses stomped by anyone who took offense enough to show up to one of their shows. So yeah keep hating, I love every second of it. Makes me feel good about myself knowing that there is low life scum like the JH that keep the hate flowing.

  4. I have a bachelors degree and help ppl for a living, and I’m a juggalette. now don’t you feel stupid you are doing everything you say that you hate when other ppl do it grow up, and yes its about family.

  5. I admit, I laughed when I read this site. I tend to agree with most of it. I also got a laugh reading “wigs plitta’s” comments. To quote:
    “if ur gunna post up defention do it rite because it makes u look stupid in the end”
    Your comment about looking stupid MIGHT have more impact if you learned to spell. If you have trouble, there’s always Google, with plenty of resources to assist you with this.
    My general take on Juggalos and Juggalettes is more of a gang. I know they maintain they’re a “family” not a “gang” but hell, so do most recognized gangs. Nothing different there. In short, I guess everyone has the desire to believe in something, oh wait, that reminds me. Wasn’t there something similar in a Texas town, Waco a few years back? Hey, they believed in something also. Gang, cult, something along those lines. I’ve seen/heard a lot of Juggalos or Juggalettes act very tough when in a large group, yet rarely see the same behavior when alone. Why? Just my 2 cents.

  6. Joker King Chaos

    Well. I must say, I’m impressed with how big the JH has actually become. But none the less, its a big waist of time. By hatin on us all the time, like you do, all your doin is taking up space on the net that actually could have been useful in the long run. We are not going away. We are gonna be here till the end of time. We have a greater grasp of life than I think you will ever be able to understand. We are not a gang. We are not a cult. We are indeed a family. You guys will never be able to understand why we call ourselves a family. So go ahead. keep on hatin. In all reality, your giving us more power by doin what your doin. And a message for “Fieryhail”. If you RARELY see us stand up for ourselves when one of us is alone, try exploring to different areas with different kind of juggalos. I garauntee, you will be surpirsed. And most recognized gangs don’t call themselves family. They’re called the MOB. The only family part about them, are the families that run them.

  7. Its stupid that people hate on anything famous… If you don’t like what the world is turning into than kill your damn self. Don’t sit here on the internet and waste people’s time with your ignorance. Us Juggalos/Lettes are just people that are proud of what we are and don’t back down to anyone. The reason you all hate is only because we believe in what want to believe in and don’t follow what your “mainstream society” want us to believe in. We have our own minds and are free willed.
    Try getting on a level that you can understand others on. Instead of sitting on the computer and talk your shit, why don’t you go out and get a REAL life. Its sad that it takes a 15 year old to break it to you, but you aren’t hurting anyone, you aren’t making a point, what you’re doing is making yourself look like an ass.
    If you really don’t like Juggalos, then don’t talk shit about them and give them more recognition. We aren’t a crime movement. We’re simply just a million people+ that listen to the same music, have the same outlook on life, and share a lot of things in common.
    All you do by sharing your criticism online is make us even more well known. You are all probably just angry because Juggalos accept eachother as we are, we don’t single anyone out and we sure as hell don’t judge other based on looks, race or background. In all honesty, you have to get used to Juggalos being mainstream because by the looks of it, we aren’t going anywhere 🙂

  8. And add me on facebook too, I’m open to meeting to homies and smoke buddies.!
    @Facebook.com/JxLoko 😉 F*CK WHAT NON BELIEVERS THINK.!!!

  9. Necromancy is a claimed form of magic in which the practitioner seeks to summon the spirit of a deceased person, either as an apparition or ghost, or to raise them bodily, for the purpose of divination. If your going to post the definitions of stuff make sure you have the right word and definiton…..i think what you were going for was Necrophilia douche………MAJOR FAIL


  10. first little kids you posted videos about icp and all that bulls hit and you tryed to show every one in the world that those to punk rock kids hate icp and the hatchet but the truth is that they are haters and they want attention just like u if u they really hated are family they will keep hatin like they aleays do and the wont b able to keep r name out of their mouths and u know it will make ore family more and more famous untill the decide the juggalos/juggalettes are really smart and have great jobs that they love to do unlike u mainstream fucksu do what ur told like when to eat when to sleep when to shit ect. so get YOUR ASS OFF OF UR MOMMYS COUCH GET A JOB AND UR OWN HOUSE START UR LIFE OVER U LITTLE FUCKIN KID………p.s. continue to hate and this is for the family WHOOP WHOOP MMFWKCL YALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Juggalette Ariel

    Yo MaN dOnT bE hAtIn On My FaMiLy :o(

  12. This is funny.. Except you guys are just haters… This made me laugh.. Im Juggalo soooo fuck the fuck off motha fuckos.

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