Juggalo holocaust influences next jokers card – mighty death pop

Looks like the juggalo holocaust , the attack by juggalos on tila tequila and alleged bias media influenced mighty death pop.

From a juggalo

“It’s currently in production as of earlier this month, Violent J said himself that all of the anger they’ve had pent up from all the bs, like the juggalo holocaust, tila tequila, and biased media coverage, would be poured into this album, the 2nd of the next 6 jokers cards of the new hand…so I ask: What are you expecting? What is your take on it, how do you think it’ll sound? We may have gotten a sneak peak of whats to come with the songs “scary kids”, “this halloween is crazy” and “born on halloween” with violent j and vanilla ice, all made for hallowicked. ”

8 responses to “Juggalo holocaust influences next jokers card – mighty death pop

  1. The Mighty Death Pop Is gonna be wicked and tell all the haters off

  2. I’m going to be honest. I hope that The Mighty Death Pop doesn’t sound like Bang Pow Boom… I hope it’s more hardcore. Cause Bang Pow Boom kinda sucked. v_v We can only hope for the best but no matter what I’m down with the clown til I’m dead in the ground.
    whoop whoop

  3. I liked bang Pow boom it showed a ovErall lighter side yea know there light shit is still good to me but it does sound like this ones going hardcore hellz yea

  4. mighty death pop is the fuckin shit WHOOP WHOOP

  5. The juggaljo holocaust sucks BALLSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS long time. We didnt kill kurt kobain or whoever but if we did Kill youd be next.

  6. Fuck all u bitch ass haters. WHOOP WHOOP mutha fuckas. Juggalo for life

  7. Ninjette Kitten

    The Mighty Death Pop is old school wicked sounds mixed with pent up anger for this bs. I FUCKING LOVE IT!! FUCK THE HATERS! WHOOP WHOOP TO ALL MY FAMILY!!!

  8. ima juggalo and you can eat a dick if your not. mighty death pop was diapointing, it was ok but not wicked, i guess its for new juggalos, for us old skool juggalos we have to welcome them and accept them like we were at one point. but still i think the new joker cards arent going to be as wicked as the first 6, and besides look at all the other shit we’ve got over the years, fuck man we are getting old. all n all fuck the world and everyone in it, juggalo fo life bitch!!

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