Juggalo invites Juggalo Holocaust to – St. Valentine’s Night Of The Axe Mini-Gathering

A Juggalo has invited the Jh to Feb 12 JH Event

St. Valentine’s Night Of The Axe Mini-Gathering

heres the invite from their spokesman Juggalo936

“How about this.. feb 12… texas night of the axe.. Bet no dumb fuck would sport JH or talk about hatin juggalos there get your shit fucked up. Fuckin PUSSIES. Keep this site up, your ignorance fuels this shit.”

Saturday, February 12 at 7:00 PM
Host: Houston Juggalos Dot Com
Walter’s On Washington
4215 Washington Ave

Feb 12 JH Event

Wud up fam. Houston Juggalos up in this bitch lettin ya’ll muthafackoos & muthafackettes know we puttin it down and bringin family together for V-Day. We doin it up this year with a fresh ass JUGGALO FAMILY TATTOO CONTEST (tattoos entered must be juggalo related) and we puttin it down with a fresh ass FAYGO WET T-SHIRT CONTEST (contestants must be 17 or older). And that’s just the contest ninjaz. we wioll also be peelin your wig back with underground freshness with live performances by : YOUNG SLICC, S.E.J., A.M.S.K., UNSPEAKABLE SYMBOL, D.K.A., LOST NINJAS, & MIKE TERROR. The event is ALL AGES WELCOME. Admission will Be $5 at the door. Must have valid photo id on hand if you plan to drink. Doors will open at 7pm. All contest will be at the end of the night after the live performances. We doin a juggalo wedding at the v-day show as well. whoop whoop mmfcl

Feb 12 JH Event – For everyone attending and more discussion.

2 responses to “Juggalo invites Juggalo Holocaust to – St. Valentine’s Night Of The Axe Mini-Gathering

  1. xXxJuggalette-BabyxXx

    This is the whackest shit i have ever read in my life, if your hatin’ on us juggalo’s so hard why are you taking all this time out of your “precious” day to make this website. hahahahahahahahahaha your a bunch of faggity fucks if ya ask me its funny how you cant reveal yourselfs either pussies too ? chirp some more ya birds ive read most of the shit you put on here the entire time i had a smile on my face thank you for the entertainment i was kinda bored this afternoon .
    your goofy fucks!
    That is all .

  2. I agree I think its time to put up or shut up. These bitch as JH niggaz think they hard. Try to come kill a true psycho niggaz. JUGGALO 4 LYFE MMFWCL keep it FRESH HOMIEZ AND FUCK U JH. COME TO SPRINGFIELD ILLINOIS BET U DONT LEAVE!!!!!!! LMMFAO WHOA!!!!! COME ON BRING YA GUNS WE GOT OUR AXES!!!!!!!!

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