King County Gang Unit – Juggalo Gang Related

King County Gang Unit

The Gang Unit serving King County and unincorporated King County has been decreased to five detectives and one sergeant. To reduce gang affiliation, Tahoma school district enforces a dress code which bans clothing with any color, symbol or wording attributed to known gangs. Gangs are not a strong presence in Maple Valley, however, there are two major gangs in parts of the county with allegiance to the LA-based Sureno/Mexican mafia versus the Norteno gang. Detective Joe Gagliardi described each with a slide show and stated that gangs do not discriminate by age, race or gender when recruiting for membership.

The teens involved with the Lake Wilderness shooting claimed to be Juggalos, followers of the music group Insane Clown Posse, which are classified as a gang.

One response to “King County Gang Unit – Juggalo Gang Related

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