Juggalo children indoctrinated into juggalo cult

Juggalo children indoctrinated into juggalo cult

4 responses to “Juggalo children indoctrinated into juggalo cult

  1. that’s so adorable she wont turn out so bad she wont be in no gang well that’s if the parents do a good job raising her its a shame that bad parenting is the real problem and everyone is blaming the juggalo community maybe we should start targeting the parenting as the main issue the parents are the problem not music parents are what teach our children not music if your child is listening to music from roadrunner records and they commit a murder guess we can all call roadrunner records a gang? hmm lame… no that’s just bad parenting if you don’t want your kids to turn out bad then teach them your wisdom between good and bad then let them listen to music they will understand its just music just like video games are just a form of entertainment as well that’s a different story that can relate to this with better parenting the main idea is stop being a lazy ass parent teach your children whats right whats wrong and you can stop blaming other things when you should be blaming yourself. and yes i am a juggalo and im 25 years old when i have a child of my own im gonna do what every failed parent couldn’t do i am gonna teach my child the difference between right and wrong and when they understand it all i will probably be listening to icp, twizted, esham, boondox, and much of the others when i feel that they are mature enough to understand it all main idea of this story is start blaming yourself that your kids are turning out rotten, not all juggalos are bad, juggalo is not a gang its just a new way of saying that there a fan of the phychopathic records music and family ect., and that maybe just maybe… joking there’s no maybe about it but better parenting needs to be involved, music dont make killers and phycho’s parents do ya im talking about the pedo’s and child abusers and even the parents that neglect there children that should be teaching there kids the differents between right and wrong and i am gonna stop here because the list goes on and on be a better parent fix your mistakes pass down your right/wrong wisdom and maybe gangs will reduce in the future peace to all MMFWCL to you all even the haters that blame us for the main problem =) have a good day!

  2. if they’re a cult why do you want to haulocaust

  3. If she were teaching her kid to sing a Micheal Jackson song no one would think twice about it. Yet he has a much larger world-wide “following” than ICP.


  4. what the fuck OK for one u fucking assholes she is not doing anything wrong so u can stop that for two Micheal Jackson was the biggest chomo i have ever seen so what the hell im a low Ive been a low for 3and a half years and its the best thing i have ever done and i don’t do drugs like all u assholes think we do there are so many lows and letts that don’t do nothing wrong and u think were the bad guys but yet u are rapping lets and killing us what kind of shit is that ok fine if u want to see me come get me im in visalia ca 93291 i will see u there

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