More Juggalo Cult Evidence – 2 Juggalos commit suicide over 17

From the archives of a juggalo forum .

“The Carnival Is Real
By Jessika

Just woke up this morning. I signed online and the first IM I got was from a friend telling me some Juggalos down in Florida killed themselves.


What a way to be greeted in the morning but to hear some of your family died. I asked why, and supposedly from the note they left a note saying all they had in life was the carnival and the faith it brought them and that after listening to “Thy Unveiling” they felt ICP tricked them. I think that’s the part that saddens me most. Granted, I have no doubt those Juggalos are sitting in Heaven, chillin’ in thier own Shangri-La. They probably have some Hot bitches buffing their pickle, faygo bottles being punted up to them from concerts down here, and diamonds raining all over their faces. If they lived by the carnival and well, god, then I have no doubt they made it.

But what saddened me because they felt ICP tricked them into believing something that wasn’t real. I have spent a lot of time talking about this and more importantly thinking about it, and I don’t think ICP was saying that’s what they tricked y’all about. I think that they mean tricked in the sense that they all along were preaching god, and not being wicked. Like, they knew no one would listen to them just flat out preaching to them… so they did the wicked shit… in a good way if you feel me.

Now to some of us, we felt it all along… but some kids… well.. they didn’t. I suppose I could be wrong about what ICP meant… but for now that’s what I believe. Now even if ICP was lying the WHOLE time and it was a gimmick, and I don’t think it is at ALL, but for the sake of argument. Ninjas shouldn’t ever go and kill themselves over it. Because even if ICP was lying, the fact is and the fact remains this.

The Carnival, is real.

Now, allow me to explain it before someone calls me a crazy fanatic.

I believe in it because of my belief that all religions and beliefs are right and wrong. Wrong because they preach themselves as the ONLY truth but right because they teach you to be good and the basic fundamentals of goodness.

I believe God allows you to believe whatever you want, so long as you are a good person. This is why Jews, Muslims, and Christians alike all have some kind of miracle chilling in their religion.

I mean if there was one true religion why wouldn’t god just come down and chill and say “believe this, this is true.” I mean you think he would really just sit back and laugh at us and say “Hahah you are Christian.. WRONG! HELL FOR YOU!!!”. Naw… all he cares about is that you are good. Now an atheist would say “now if there was a god why wouldn’t he just show himself? Then there would be no doubt.” but think about that on two levels.

One there is just to many things going on this world we just can not explain in scientific ways. We can only explain it with faith.

Two. Faith. Check it. If you knew there was a god definitely and that by going out and shooting someone you are going to hell… you wouldn’t. Because you KNOW god is there, you KNOW god is real. There is no temptation to be bad so in actuality your morals are never tested. If your morals are never tested then really, how do you KNOW you have been good? Were you good because you were good, or because you had no other choice?

That’s the most sense I can make out of it. I just have ideas. Who knows if they are right or wrong.

So where does this lead with the Carnival? I think god sits back and looks at the carnival and is like

“damn. Look at that. thousands of children who were wrong, misguided, bored with church, and having no other place to find faith, found it in music. Sure, they look at it like a carnival will come for them when they die, but.. look at them. They love each other like family, treat each other better then most, and are starting to do that right things. Check that out.

And look at that kid… he used to be a racist… he was headed down a path of murder based on race… and look at what the music did, because he found me in a carnival. aiight… straight… if that’s what he believes.. that’s what will great him when he dies”.

After all when you die if you go to heaven you get this ultimate reward… but who’s to say your ultimate reward is the same as mine? There can’t be just one heaven. Heaven, judgment, and afterlife is whatever form you can best relate to, and fit in with. If you think you are gonna be judged at a pearly gate with saint peter chilling with a book… looking at your sins… well is that really so much different then being judged by “jokers cards” at a carnival? Really? I don’t think so. Yet no one has problems looking at St. Peter like it’s perfectly natural. You begin to relate to judgment like visiting a carnival and you are a cult.

So if when some kid dies, has done good, and deserves his ultimate reward and he is going to heaven… and he believes he’s going to a carnival.. you think God is just going to hoe him out on that? It’s the ultimate paradise and to some kids… the ideas that changed them is the places they want to remain for eternity. God bless them for that.

However he is, May the Juggalos find him.

One Love to all my family…. and if you ever feel so down and out you want to just end it, talk to someone! Talk to me! Jesse3957 on AIM, I love y’all.

I dont know how legitimate this is but i think its proof of more juggalos committing cult like activity with another juggalo suicide due to icps music.

4 responses to “More Juggalo Cult Evidence – 2 Juggalos commit suicide over 17

  1. this is all bullshit! we are NOT a cult!

  2. I personally am not a fan of ICP, I like some of their stuff, some of it’s good. I dont mind the whole ‘Carnival and Shangri-la’ thing, but the thing I HATE is the way Juggalos treat other who Aren’t Juggalos.. You said it yourself

    ‘They love each other like family, ‘treat each other better then most’

    If your not one of them, part of the underground, not painted up, your pretty much hated and considered scum.

    I think that Juggalos might have mis-interpreted what ICP were saying. Shouldn’t it be ‘treat EVERYONE the same, BUT love your Juggalo family’.

    ICP talks about Morals, but it seems to juggalos that if your not one of them, not ‘In with the out crowd’ you dont receive any respect.

    In saying all that, It is very sad that two teenagers resorted to that. If I had mmfwcl to give, I would.

  3. this is just another example of a bunch of confused people that feel as if they have nothing so they find comfort it ur so called family but none of u really gives to shits about eachother. So kudos to icp they got rich off ur weakness it is a great marketing scheme but in the end those idiots who offed themselves only prove my point preach ur love but u dont really care

  4. Hatchet.Attack

    Fuck this shit. You guys know nothing about Juggalos. All you can do is assume the worst of us, and think you know what we believe? You don’t know shit. We’re no gang, we’re no cult. Juggalo is blood. We’re family. You say we’ve got no love for each other? Fuck that. Saying that is like saying that you have no love for any of your siblings. You don’t know what the fuck we think. And you go right the fuck ahead and steriotype us, what the fuck you gonna prove? not shit. what the fuck are you gonna change? not shit. the only thing that would be changed is the arrangement of some haters faces.
    and what the fuck are you bashing on our music for? fuck that shit. you dont see all of us hating on the gay shit you listen to. keep that shit to yourself. and as far as it comes to religion? fuck off. Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism – that shit isn’t real. and you can’t prove it otherwise. prove to me that them fucking gods are real. then, maybe you got my attention.
    @Brandon – A bunch of confused people? You don’t know what the fuck we feel. You don’t know what the fuck we’ve been through. We’ve all been through different shit. You just gotta judge us? Fuck the fuck off.
    I GOT MUCH MOTHER FUCKIN’ WICKED CLOWN LOVE FOR ALL MY JUGGALO FAMILY! Whoop Whoop! Fuck you haters – you aint gonna do shit to us ninjas!

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