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stupid posers who say they “drop the hatchet” – I DON’T FEEL THAT CLOWN LUV NO MORE!

A Perfect example of a before and after juggalo.

Video 1 a bright eyed juggalo comments about other family dropping the hatchet

me talking about and asking ninjas about ppls whom droped the hatchet..etc..watch

She didn’t get a t-shirt and now she is butthurt and don’t trust her “fam”…

you are not feeling the “magic” because some homo clown did not give your poor ass some free stuff ? ROFLMAO GET A JOB AND BUY YOUR OWN STUFF !

Juggalo holocaust attending – A Hip Hop Showcase & Competiton – Bet you insane clown pussies wont show up

Juggalo holocaust members including killa mo 187 , big game james , buttsecks , the illusionist and mr korvokian will be attending the A Hip Hop Showcase & Competiton in Charlevoix .
I bet you juggalo ass clowns will no show , so come put your money where your mouths are and rock up


Friday at 9:00pm – Saturday at 2:00am

Location The Flight Deck

6966 US Highway 31 S.
Charlevoix, MI

Attention ALL Hip Hop Artists, MCs, Rappers, Lyricists, etc. Do you feel like you have the type of skills that deserve more money & exposure for yourself? Here’s your chance for both!!

Oliver stoneD & Ill Vision Records presents..

…A Hip Hop Showcase & Competition

Friday, February 11..@ The Flight Deck..Charlevoix, MI

Doors @ 9pm..NO COVER CHARGE


Drink Specials, CDs, Shirts, Prizes, & Other Giveaways

–Registration is FREE (see below)
–15 minute set
–Please have set list in proper order on your CD
–All artists need to arrive by no later then 9pm for check in

–email – illvisionrecords@hotmail.com
–calll – 231-373-4150
–message – http://www.facebook.com/halusin8
(include group names, real names, ages, & contact info)

1st place = $200 to headline March Hip Hop Showcase
2nd place = $50 to open for headliner @ March Hip Hop Showcase
3rd place = TBD cash & prizes to open @ March Hip Hop Showcase

This is a unique competition WITHIN a local showcase.
It is open to ALL MCs & Rappers.
Artists of any age can enter the show, at NO CHARGE, by Feb.9 deadline. Each Artist is given 15 minutes of stage time. Winners will be determined by a scoring tally based on ten different sets of criteria. Crowd response will represent 20% of each act’s total score, so bring your 100 closest friends, fans & family to represent you!!

Open mic freestyle cypher at the end of the night!

Let’s do this for Hip Hop!!

Name and Shame – Juggalos planning violence at gathering

Here are two juggalos planning acts of violence at the gathering
the first killa mo 187 claims he will be “Beating the living piss out of each and every one of you cracker motherfuckers” the second Big game james BigJames Blunders claims he will “I intend to dig a hole to bury the JH’s name, banner, and all your laptops that I know you guys will bring with you deep in the ground. When I beat your asses and throw you all out one by one” .

If you see these people , be warned they will be the downfall of the gathering of the juggalos .