Juggalos cause trouble and have JCW closed by Police


Anyone there give us more info  but it looks like juggalos were causing so much trouble with violence and under age drinking the police had to shut the JCW wrestling down – Hopefully this occurs at more juggalo events and venues.

Southgate, Michigan

Insane Clown Posse’s Juggalo Championship Wrestling event raided and shut down by law enforcement.

Wednesday nights Juggalo Championship Wrestling (JCW) show was off to a red hot start. Hundreds of Juggalos were hyped up and ready for an evening of professional wrestling and music based entertainment at the Modern Exchange in Southgate Michigan. It was the long awaited tag team championship tournament which would see 8 teams enter, and 1 team leave with the championship belts. In the opening minutes of the show DJ Clay hyped the crowd with turntable wizardry, while event host Kevin “KG” Gill welcomed the energetic capacity crowd, and dropped a bombshell announcement that a new commisioner has been appointed to oversee JCW. It was none other than Insane Clown Posse co-founder Violent J who emerged from behind the curtain holding a massive axe to a thunderous ovation.  He entered the ring and let his intentions be known via a passionate interview segment that kicked the show off on a high note.

For the first match in the round robin tournament, the unlikely duo of “Richie Boy” Bryer Wellington and his Butler Geeves along with manager Truth Martini were the first to the ring, and to say the crowd does not like these gentleman would be the understatement of the year. The jeers of the crowd turned to cheers when the familiar sounds of “Homies” bumped through the soundsystem and JCW World Champion Corporal Robinson and his partner 2 Tuff Tony entered the ringside area for this exciting first round match.  The tension in the air was thick, as the teams showboated in the ring during the pre match introductions and the crowd was  loud and pumped for the bell to sound and the confrontation to kick off.

Once the bell rang, the crowd was absorbed in this battle between good and evil, and a handful of minutes ticked by as the action unfolded in the ring.  What happened next is something that is remarkable even within the wacky world of professional wrestling. In a coordinated effort, nearly a dozen police vehicles descended on the building, and law enforcement officials flooded the venue in everything from standard uniforms to body armor and ultimately attempted to enter the ring which drew a raucous chant of “FUCK THE POLICE” from the ninja’s in attendance.  Perhaps the audience recognized that Detroit, a city known locally as “The Murder Mitten” and nationally as the murder capital of the country would have more pressing issues than stopping several hundred people from having an enjoyable night out and supporting the local economy while watching wrestling history be made?

With the show officially shut down and no options on the table to allow the show to proceed, Police began attempting to clear the room while KG made an announcement that everyone would have their money refunded for tickets purchased via mail or via refund at the venue, with more details to be announced.


JH 100000 >>> JUGGALOS 0

2 responses to “Juggalos cause trouble and have JCW closed by Police

  1. seems like you did nothing if you did something than you called the cops and snitched like a bitch that juggalos were have a good time while you were probably beating off get a life pussy
    U MAD?

  2. please explain to me how you pussies calling the cops and having one event closed down means you have 100000 over Juggalos having 0? If you were dominating us than you would have managed to get the Gathering of the Juggalos permanently banned. but you will never do that because you are a group of what maybe 10 people? whereas we are Juggalos and we are anonymous you can’t stop what you don’t know and can never fully comprehend.


    We are JUGGALOS,
    We do not HAVE JOBS,
    We do not TAKE SHOWERS,


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