Mongols Motorcycle Club to attend gathering of the juggalos ?? OH HO

And to KM, crack some skulls when you get to the gathering. Throw those ******** out one by one! I’m gonna make it to the Gathering one way or another!

I’m not coming alone. It turns out Esham owes some money to a gang in Cali known as the Mongols over a weed deal that ended with esham underpaying them.

Looks like juggalos have invited the Mongols outlaw motorcycle club to attend the gathering and look for a fight. Have juggalos planned massive violence at this years gathering ????

Ban the gathering

5 responses to “Mongols Motorcycle Club to attend gathering of the juggalos ?? OH HO

  1. ban your website

    ban juggalos

  2. A Smarter Juggalo

    Im guessing the maker of this site got picked on by a lot of Juggalos.

  3. I believe that if not an unattractive sentence structure was the demise of the referred post, you would have noticed that it was fairly harmless. I mean by the demeanor of the paragraph itself it didn’t have even the look of what it was meaning by this post’s author. In fact on a continuing note, I think the original post’s author was merely intending to come with a few more Juggalos, and without properly interjecting his paragraph especially for a situation exactly like this. In all, he should have concluded the statement of being alone, but also have started anew by perhaps breaking a line, or even broadening the subject of him not coming alone, rather than continuing onto talking of the ‘Mongols’.

  4. So now esham is a member of the JH correct? So there is proof of someone in the JH doing something illegal. And I thought you said that you were all perfect and law abiding.


  5. i hate when poeple try 2 soun d smart and high and mighty by using big fancy ass words like “interject”. u just sound like a giant douche (or maybe i’m just kinda dumb, oh well)

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