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Planet lotb has a new goal , to help deprived and fearful juggalos in dropping the hatchet.

Please visit http://planet-lotb.com
sign up and discuss your problems with being a juggalo and our kind members will help you drop the hatchet or get to stage 6 and stay there for good.

Be aware of juggalos trying to convert you or keep you prisioners – go to http://planet-lotb.com and drop the hatchet for GOOD.

straightedge vs juggalos

juggalos and straigt edge argument and about a comment i saw on my video about abks to whom it may concern sayin i was a hick and acted like i was in the kkk i have no problems with straight edge until they start a fight with me or my family/friends wich hasnt happened so far we shouldnt hate each other based on the others petty self choices love friendship and family are much better than hate and ignorance millions die from cancer but billions die from hate due to the fact that so much murder is fueled by hate



Free beer , all ages wrestling event , no liquour license – it must be JCW

“I was there. The reason they got shut down was because they were giving out free beer at an all ages show with no liquor license.”
Pathetic giving out free beer at a all ages wrestling event  , the end of JCW needs to happen NOW.

juggalo claims to have invented flying car

I’m in the Army and deployed to Iraq, and after I’m out, I have a basically guaranteed job making  70000+ dollars as a heavy diesel mechanic. This is all for me, I’m not married and I have no kids. I’m also working on a design for a flying car, and my own line of sports cars. I’m about 40 percent through the actual mechanical design for the flying car, and I’m throwing out a completely new concept for car design. Drawings are done, haven’t started mechanical layout yet. Success is attainable and very much within reach. I am a successful 19 year old, and plan to be successful for a long time.