straightedge vs juggalos

juggalos and straigt edge argument and about a comment i saw on my video about abks to whom it may concern sayin i was a hick and acted like i was in the kkk i have no problems with straight edge until they start a fight with me or my family/friends wich hasnt happened so far we shouldnt hate each other based on the others petty self choices love friendship and family are much better than hate and ignorance millions die from cancer but billions die from hate due to the fact that so much murder is fueled by hate



5 responses to “straightedge vs juggalos

  1. All this shit is some bull shit Im a Juggalo and wouldnt change it for the world. You guys Have nothing to do but hate! This world needs hatrers tho!, If you ant got nobody to hate on feel free to hate on me. I dont understand you you guys think Juggalos are a cult! Really!! Come on Its a family, not that you guys would know anything about that. Seams to me you have no place in this world with nobody who cares. Juggalos and Juggallets have one another tell you what When you have 50,000 Juggalos an Juggallets, you can feel the love in the air. I was told JH was going to be at the Juggalo Gatherning good luck with that bring 50,000+ Of your JH boys! I bet you dont even have 50 JH boys!!!
    Whats this shit about killing Juggalos and rapeing Juggallets . I think thats alot of bull shit I havent hurd anything about that untell I read your shit on your page. I really think you guys made that up to try and scare us Juggalos. Its not working at all ,kinda makes me laugh a lill. I think anyone who kills anyone is a dumb ass! The juggalos who did thoses killings are fucking retards, they will get whats coming to them in prison, ant no place I’d like to be! So all and all Fuck all you haters hating on Juggalos. Ant nobody as big as us! World wide baby! Whoop whoop!! mcl

  2. Thats right and wtf r u saying we have done nothing to u jh or lotb asshole yet u start all this shit ur a fucking hypocryt


    Juggalo’s are a bunch of fucking pussy’s that think that their all bad ass but they aint shit they aint nothing but lowlife faggots that listen to shitty music and smell like shit.

  4. juggalobuddha

    man what the fuck is my video doing on the juggalo holocaust site man yall need to get your own stuff i do not support the juggalo holocaust in any way shape or form they are low lifes who justify senseless killing and the buddha himself said that only we can end the suffering of an an that senseless violence is wrong. i live my life in peace with those around me and try to end the suffering of those around me straight edge and juggalos are not so different or lyrics in our songs are both very similar if you listen to them we both dont like racism we both dont like rapist or murders and a majority of juggalos dont like hard drugs some of us do smoke some of us do drink but i dont see why cant we be friends peace everybody

  5. David Policastro

    I’m Straight Edge and I love ICP. Just sayin’…

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