Dayton family fell off – psycho ep

wow they sold out for a quick buck
what the hell is up with the gathering track
dayton family lost

u idiots lost fans from the majority of the detroit scene and now you will relize juggalos will not buy your stuff either – the hard way.

and to think these dudes used to work with people like 3 6 mafia , esham , the game and project born…

2 responses to “Dayton family fell off – psycho ep

  1. a hard core juggalo

    why the you guys hating what the fuck did juggalos do to you ur just fucking fucked in ht ehard i thought i was fucked i got nothing on u youy little pussy ass botch you never gonna get no neden like learn not to fucking hate thats what iucp thought jme they showed me god again i was ready to kill my self telll i heard three music they saved my fucking life

  2. Ya’ll are a bunch of fags on this get a fucking life homos

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